This is the second of three t-shirt quilts Mom and I are making from my sister-in-law’s shirts for her three grandchildren. Quilted with the pantograph Happy Times.


It’s the same basic layout as the first one but we used flying geese instead of the pinwheel blocks. I was talking about my Flying Geese die last week which I haven’t used yet and this was the first time Mom had used her die. I cut them out for her and she said they were really easy to piece —  look how accurate her piecing is.


This will go back to Mom for binding and if all goes as expected, I’ll get the last of these quilted next week.

8 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. The beautiful fabric in the flying geese gives the quilt a more elegant look than most t-shirt quilts. Excellent layout design too. Her grandchildren will be so thrilled to have these.


  2. Such a nice thing you and your Mom are doing here.
    I find the flying geese die very accurate too, very little trimming required.


  3. I like the way the Flying Geese break up the quilt. Most tee shirt quilts look boring. The tee shirt quilts you and your mother have made are anything but.


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