More inspiration

I was talking about my unused Accuquilt dies the other night when I shared the vintage bow tie quilt. I have a Kite die that hasn’t been used yet.

I’d like to make a scrappy quilt with it — here’s one I found on eBay the other night. The edges on this one look uneven so I’m betting they used diamonds between the kite blocks. The die makes this one a lot easier.

My list keeps getting longer!

7 thoughts on “More inspiration

  1. That is a gorgeous scrappy quilt! I didn’t even know about that die. Now I want it! My new GO Big quit the second time I used it. I”m waiting on my new replacement to arrive this week. I’ve been in a quilting funk lately anyway—so you have inspired me showing this quilt and die. Are you going to make it? I love all the fabrics in this vintage quilt.


  2. Very cute quilt. I’m sure you will come up with something cute using the kite die. I would love to get one of those machines but just can’t bring myself to spend the money on it at my age. I already have a very expensive Bernina that I don’t know much about. I need to spend my time doing and learning what it can do before investing in anything else. So much to learn and do with this quilting hobby!! I wish I had started when I was younger.


  3. I also have dies I’ve never used but I have used the kite. Notice in your picture that where the points come together there are many, many seams. I, like you, don’t like sashing. But putting a narrow sashing with or without cornerstones solves that problem. I collect ideas from etsy. I have a lot of pictures for future quilts with the kite block. Eleanor Burns made a nice one alternating with a 4-patch. Your blog is very inspiring.


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