If I’m not making quilts, I’m thinking about quilts. Who knew that my obsession with quilting would last 18 years?!

Keith is traveling all week so I have more time to fill than usual and last night I was looking at eBay and found some interesting quilts.

I can see making this one, you know I love half square triangles but I probably need to finish up that brown/green flock of geese first! I don’t have access to my block encyclopedias … does anyone know the name of this block?


I don’t use much white in my quilting – I love the look of quilts with white space but my quilts all get used … hard use … and I worry about them getting stained but I love the simplicity of this pinwheel quilt. Having said that, I think my next pinwheel quilt will be a larger version of the twisted pinwheel doll quilt that I recently finished.


And finally, this one really appeals to me too – it’s the 2nd border quilt that has caught my eye so I might eventually have to make one of these too.


What quilts are catching your eye these days?!

8 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Not sure what the first quilt block is called. Makes me think a double broken dishblock. Love it! Saved it to sketch later.

    How are you feeling and when’s your follow up? Hello to Mom!


  2. 2 of these really speak to me. I have not seen that top block before so I will be interested to see if it has a name. I love the border quilt too!


  3. If you are after a pinwheel quilt, maybe make pinwheel blocks alternated with 8 or 16 block squares. That minimizes the large amount of white for quilting, dirt, and wear. I think Bonnie Hunter has one on her free quilt list. Or figure out numbers on your own. Maybe you have done one before. I love making triangles 8 at a time so I make them more often now.


  4. I love a great deal of white in my quilts. Not beige or off white, but pure white or Snow. I think I’m looking at string quilts more now, guess I need to start one soon.


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