I was looking through my photos and the website today and this Rail Fence caught my eye again … and then Ann said she was working on a quilt kind of based on it too so I thought I’d share it here

HomeSpun Rails instructions on my site

I’m also ready to make another Drunkard’s Path … nothing fancy, just something scrappy.

Instructions on my website

This HeartStrings quilt was another one from Homespuns  … I think I’ve got a few scraps left in a baggie (somewhere) but these three pretty much used the rest of my homespun stash.


6 thoughts on “Homespuns

  1. Those quilts are fabulous! I don’t use homespun because I don’t enjoy working with them, either. My friends tell me they are getting harder to find


  2. Mary, I have loved reading your blog posts from Maine. Our son lives in Portland and many of the places you mentioned have made me feel closer to him and our grandchildren. The family was here in early October and he knew the bakery you mentioned – you are only miles from him!! What a small world. They were at LL Bean for the Pumpkin activities also – we love Freeport too! And the Lobster Shack – our favorite – I was there in June – yummy! Not sure how I came across you blog – probably something to do with Heartstrings. I am a volunteer program coordinator for Children’s’ Comfort Quilts for the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati and love the patterns you use. On my next trip to Maine I have Marden’s on my list to check out – hope I have that name correct – I quilt to buy fabric – ha. Be safe on your travels home.


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