I had about an hour to kill and after checking email, decided to look on eBay for inspiration (I search for vintage or antique quilts) and came across this scrappy pinwheel quilt.

Vintage quilt from eBay

I made one of these quilts – Tessalating Pinwheels – and have brief instructions on my website but I really like this scrappy version and maybe one day, I’ll make another one.  Here’s my RWB version.




  1. Very nice, either scrappy or RWB. But I thought a tesselated design takes a “bite” out of the adjacent portion?

  2. I am getting ready to start a pair of vintage inspired quilts. One for my husband and the other for his mother. I have some precut butterflies that were from my husband’s grandmother that will be incorporated into the quilt. I am planning on a Log Cabin quilt and a Star and 4 Patch quilt. Both will be super scrappy. D. Weeks

  3. Thank you for the inspiration. I am currently piecing a Quilt of Valor using this pattern only with scrappy strips. Will try the solid pieces next time as I like that look better.

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