Today’s progress

I got most of the small doll top quilted hand quilted today. I’m thinking about adding just a little more stitching but I had a lovely afternoon sitting by my window and stitching. I started out listening to music but switched over to my audiobook. No photo yet but I should finish it up including the binding next week. I also managed to wash and dry 9 quilts for donation. It’s way past time for me to get some of these donated but the holdup has been getting them all washed and dried. I probably have another 10 here I’ll wash before getting them donated through the guild here. I’m not a member but last year they happily accepted my donations.

I was looking at eBay last night for inspiration when I couldn’t sleep and came across this Irish Chain. I don’t like donating quilts with large areas of white or light fabric because I think they’re too easily stained but something like this would work.

I have an Irish Chain that Mom pieced for me and I quilted but I’ve never made one myself. I’m tempted to pull 3 fabrics and give it a go! Here’s mine. Isn’t it gorgeous?!


  1. LOVE the red and white double Irish chain, and I adored red and white quilts and all Irish chain quilts. I have a vintage 30s or 40s (?) double Irish-chain-type top that I think was made by my husband’s grandmother. What is an Irish chain-type quilt, you ask? Well, for one thing, it’s really, REALLY scrappy. Exactly what I love🤗🤗. The centers are all different, very different from anything I’ve ever seen. And the “chain” blocks don’t really form a chain. Whoever made it set the blocks together incorrectly for what would be considered a double Irish chain pattern😱😱. All the components are there, but it is set in a very different configuration. Quite charming, no seams match, but it was made by the hands of some woman from the past that I didn’t know. I LOVE it. I need to document it for my grandchildren. There is really no one left I can ask about it. I know my mother-in-law didn’t make it because she told me years and YEARS ago that she pressed all of her seams open when she made a quilt. This quilt was constructed with all seams pressed to the side. I’m the only quilter in my husband’s family (other than his mother and aunts who are no longer living), so I’m the only one who would even know about this. Just a fun fact from a previous generation.

  2. I have made 3 single Irish Chains and am looking for a special fabric right now for another. Your quilt is beautiful. I believe you have a Triple Irish Chain and I really like that white.

  3. Yours is a beauty Mary. I have never made that pattern, but have seen some lovely quilts done this way. We are waiting out a heat warning here this week. I guess there will be a couple more days before the humidity clears. Thank heavens for the ocean, Lynn >

  4. Your red and white Irish Chain really is a beauty! You have a really good point about not using much white in donation quilts. I need to keep that in mind as I tend to overuse white backgrounds, mainly because it’s easy. Good food for thought!! Thanks.

  5. I’m a fan of both Irish chain and two-color quilts. Your red & white one is a beauty! When I first made Irish chains, I didn’t know what to do with the alternate block, and I was tying my quilts at the time. Now I would find a quilt stencil that fit the space and hand quilt it. I’ve learned a thing or two since those first few.

  6. Yes your red Irish Chain quilt is beautiful! I too am leery of too much white in a quilt. Have a great weekend.

  7. Mary, I keep coming back to look at this beauty. How in the world did your mom do that great border? It really takes the quilt up another level! Are they hst’s? Square in a square? Flying geese? Some kind of Seminole piecework?
    I’ve made an Irish chain quilt before, but I’m in love with the border on this one…

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