More bags

After Keith went to bed, I went downstairs to sew and finished up a couple more bags, I made 5 in total and will keep 3 of them. Several of you wrote and said that your areas no longer have plastic grocery bags and while I prefer the reusable ones myself, Keith does our grocery shopping and always brings them home in plastic. At least I reuse them rather than buying small trash bags.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on my August precut project. Stephanie pulled leftovers from her hat and my leftovers become doll quilts so I pulled out that bin to see what I wanted to finish up for this month’s challenge. I want to do a bit of hand quilting so I pulled this checkerboard top and will layer and start stitching it tomorrow. I’m kind of boring in that a lot of my doll quilts are simple checkerboards like this but they’re just right for using the leftover bits of strip sets that I end up with when I’m piecing a quilt. I’ve got 3 other finished tops in that bin and a bunch of baggies with bits and pieces so we’ll see if I end up having enough time this month to work on a second project.


  1. Doll quilts in simple checkerboard are perfect. I really don’t like trying to find bigger pieces to make HSTs or trying to make a pattern to fit the scraps. It is getting rid of excess in a way that will make someone happy. Every checkerboard quilt top you make brings smiles.

  2. I enjoy using checkerboard designs! I mix in larger blocks or squares if that’s what I find my scrap basket. Your projects are cheerful and will brighten someone’s day! Your plastic bag holders are wonderful! That’s a great idea, I am going to have to start making some for gifts. Happy Stitching!!!!!

  3. I reuse my plastic bags as small trash can liners too. Ironically, our legislature last winter passed a law that no city/town in SD can ban plastic bags. So I guess we’ll continue to have them. Our local store allows us to recycle the bags right at the store.

  4. After reading this post I made a bag holder for myself, very cute. My daughter wanted one after seeing mine so one for her and my daughter-in-law and my cousin with the newly updated kitchen! Fun little project, thanks!

  5. I love seeing all of the checkerboard doll quilts you make, but I often wonder what you do with them all. I’m sure your granddaughters love them, but it seems like more than 3 girls can use? I like to make doll quilts, but I don’t know many little girls I can give them to.

  6. No plastic bags here in CT, I am glad I am not the only one who sews after the hubby goes to bed, sometimes I get up at night and go down to sew when i can’t sleep. This happens more often than I would like.

  7. Ah, but it’s not what YOU see, it’s what the girls see! I’ll bet they have names for every one of their doll quilts because every one of their doll quilts is unique. Boring! No way!!

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