Quilted and bound

My Puppy Town Square was quilted and bound today – #7 of 12+ to be quilted before the end of July. Pattern is from Fabric Cafe but I left off the narrow borders.

Pantograph is Dear Heart

# 8 is already loaded on the longarm and ready to quilt tomorrow and I also started a new crochet project today – I’ve still got the knitted cowl and the corner to corner blanket going but I have a family gift exchange next month and I need to get going on a project.


Suzanne’s Star top is quilted. Pantograph is Happy Times. She sent the binding already made and it’s sewn on and ready for hand stitching along with the other 3 tops quilted this week. Thank goodness Keith is home, I’ll get to work on those tonight.

It’s #6 of 12+ to be quilted by the end of July and I have one more week before I travel. We have company coming tomorrow and staying overnight so I won’t get anymore quilted this week but I’ll work on binding and on Sunday I’ll spend some time getting backings and batting pieced for the tops to be quilted next week… I’ve already pieced a couple battings from the bin of leftovers but it’s still full so I’ll piece a few more.

One of those days

You know … one of those days when you’re thankful for living in a wonderful place and being able to spend your time doing something that you love that will provide warmth and comfort to others.

I’m completely on a night schedule right now so I slept a couple hours, fed and walked Finn at 7am, slept another few hours and was up by 12 noon. First up, a visit to the postal facility and then a 30 minute hike, followed by a late lunch by the lake. How could one NOT be grateful to live in such a beautiful place?

When I got home, I made up the guest bed with fresh sheets and did some laundry … Keith’s brother and sister-in-law are coming for a brief visit and will spend Friday night with us.

Then it was time to quilt – #5 of 12+ tops to be finished in the next few weeks is quilted. Another HeartStrings top from AnnG. After trimming this one, I loaded top #6 and it’s ready to quilt tomorrow.

The quilting on this one is freehand, a swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD. Dawn’s DVDs are no longer available but she gave me permission to share a brief description of how I quilt this pattern and you can see it at this post.

I made the binding and got it sewn on ready for hand stitching. Luckily Keith is coming home tomorrow afternoon because I’ve got 3 ready to hand stitch!

When I finished up downstairs, it was time to feed and walk Finn again and now we’re relaxing on the porch. I’ll get some knitting in this evening. I hope your day was as wonderful as mine!


Another HeartStrings top from AnnG. It’s #4 of 12+ to be quilted in the next few weeks. Pantograph is Leafy Love. I love quilting hearts on HeartStrings quilts!

Yesterday I dug into the 1/2 yard bin for the binding on the first Heartstrings quilt … And found the perfect binding for it.

I didn’t have one that I liked for this top in that bin so I pulled out the stripes and found one that works. Both quilts are ready for me to hand stitch the binding but I’ll wait until Keith is home. I do my binding late at night and when I’ve got Finn he insists on sitting in the chair with me. When Keith is home, he goes to bed most nights with Keith and I go back downstairs to work.


HeartStrings top #1 from AnnG is quilted, trimmed, and ready for binding. Pantograph is Flounce. It’s become one of my favorites for these string quilts. It’s #3 of 12+ to be quilted in the coming weeks.


The Dino 9 patch is quilted. It’s #2 of the 12+ tops I want to get quilted by the end of July.

Pantograph is Stegosaurus… it’s really cute but you can see it better from the back.

I also got both this one and the Strippie from yesterday trimmed, the bindings made and machine stitched on ready for hand stitching. After crawling around on the floor to trim the Strippie (on bruised knees from a fall when we were hiking on Monday) I thought that maybe I’d set up my table for trimming all these quilts over the next few weeks … and then realized, I should just use the longarm table. Duh!

Keith took me out to dinner tonight for my birthday but the real fun starts at dinner tomorrow … we’re meeting the boys and our little ones and Mo will come back with us for a couple nights. Chris, Becky, and Rae are coming on Sunday for a visit too but Mo’s excited about coming for a sleepover all by herself.

I won’t have much sewing time the next few days but I’m going to sit here tonight and get the binding stitched down on one!

Quilting Marathon

My June/July quilting marathon has begun. I have travel and family time already booked both months so my goal of quilting 12 tops is modest but there’s a decent chance I can surpass it if all goes as planned. I’ll also have a few piecing projects to work on.

First up is a Quick Strippie – it’s been 2+ months since I’ve turned on the longarm and I felt a little rusty but #1 of 12+ is quilted.

I pieced a backing and the batting for #2 and that’s loaded on the longarm and ready to quilt tomorrow.