Today was a travel day …. I never did get to sleep last night and Keith drove me to the airport at 3:45 am! He’s good to get up that early isn’t he? Mom and Kevin met me at the airport in Newport News and we visited the cemetery before heading to North Carolina. Since we’ve all moved out of Newport News now, it’s good to have a reason to fly there to visit Dad’s grave.

We checked into the hotel, had dinner with some of Mom’s family and then played cards for a little while in the hotel lobby. I thought Mom was going to win but Kevin surged ahead of both of us!

Border on

I do have a little self discipline left! In spite of wanting to start something new, I buckled down and cut and pieced the bricks for the Flock of Geese top. I’m traveling Thursday and I probably won’t even get a chance to sew tomorrow as I do laundry, pack, and everything else I need to do to get ready so it made more sense to finish something rather than start a new project.

That border looks wavy but that’s just because Finn was anxiously waiting for his supper and I didn’t take enough time to smooth the top out on the design wall before snapping the photo.


Last week was stay at home week #14 and I’m a couple days late but this top of Mom’s is #14 and I’m caught up again. Pantograph is Ebb and Flow.

Doesn’t Finn look like he’s up to no good?! He was groomed today and I got a bunch of errands done so all in all it was a productive day for me.


I finished stitching the Ladybug Drunkard’s Path binding today just in time to head off to watch the Lightning play. It’s my 9th UFO finish for the year.

And this little Coins doll quilt was finished a couple days ago.

New computer

I don’t think I shared that I bought a new laptop a couple weeks ago. I kind of hated to buy it because I don’t use the laptop very often since the iPad is just so much more convenient but there are some things I need to do on the computer and the screen on my current one was doing a lot of flickering and I’m just waiting for it to die completely.

Since I’m having problems with all my technology these days, it’s not surprising that I couldn’t seem to get EQ7 loaded and I was a bit frustrated – can you believe that I have 3 copies of this program? I’d bought one for my computer, one for Mom’s computer because I did so much work there for her, and then a downloaded version because I couldn’t put my hands on the disk when I needed to add it to my computer the last time I bought one …. and I couldn’t get any of them to work so I walked away and decided I’d figure it out later.

Later turned out to be tonight and when I went to open the program, it worked. Weird.

To test it out, I drafted a Friendship Star quilt. I’ve been wanting to make another one for years and since I’m currently obsessed with half square triangles this one might actually get made. By now you know I’d make my quilt scrappier but it’s faster to design in just a few fabrics.

I’ve put some quilt notes on the website if you’re interested.

RWB Friendship Stars


I’m trying to get my daily step average back over 10,000 but I’ve got two trips this month so it’s going to be tough.

We decided to have an early dinner while we were out – it’s 5.5 miles (roundtrip) to the little outdoor restaurant we like.

Of course, more walking means less sewing but I did get the binding stitched down on the small doll quilt yesterday and maybe tomorrow I’ll get the binding sewn down on the Ladybug Drunkard’s Path.

Date night

Last night we went to the symphony for the first time since moving here to Tampa. I didn’t enjoy the first half of the program as much as the second half but we’ll definitely look for more performances to attend.

As we got out after the program we were checking scores on the Lightning game and could hear it being broadcast somewhere nearby … we walked a block or so to one of the downtown parks and found a huge crowd – the roar before we got there let us know they had won. We’re up 3-1 in the series and are looking forward to Sunday’s game!