Sewing along with HeartStrings

The annual Maine HeartStrings sew-in is going on this week and I hate not being there with the group but I’m sewing along from home. This afternoon, I finished assembling the Happy Hearts top and I’ve got a small HeartStrings top loaded on the longarm and ready to quilt.


Since I’m spending October in Maine, the girls are kitting up quilts for me to tie while I’m there as they assemble the tops!


Counting the days

I’ve got visitors coming … someone always knows when I need a visit and they’re coming on Friday! And isn’t Becky the best daughter-in-law EVER to let them pop down to see me?!


Are you organized?

For the most part I’m fairly organized … in that I know where things are and what they’re for but these last few months, I’ve realized that if something were to happen to me, Keith would be lost. Besides the fact that he has no idea what is in my sewing room and what I would want to happen to it all, he doesn’t have access to our accounts and wouldn’t have a clue which bills (most of them are ebills) are due or how to pay them.  He certainly  wouldn’t know how to post a note on the blog or who would need to be contacted if something happened.

The night before my last surgery I wrote up and printed some quick notes but knew that I needed to sit down and write up something more formal … that was in June and nope, haven’t done it yet. And our wills are out of date too … another thing we keep putting off updating.

I was reading Judy’s blog today and saw her using these name tags to organize her knitting projects … I have a few projects in bags that could benefit from a label and more importantly, if I labeled all the finished tops in my closet, I’d be sure that Keith would know what to do with them if something happened. I have tops that belong to Mom, tops for donation, and tops that are meant to be gifted to a family member or quilted and kept.


I know some people have quilting friends that would take care of their sewing room but how about the rest? Are you the one in your family that handles all the finances? Do you have it all organized and ready for someone else to take over? Are your wills up to date?


This Twisted Pinwheel doll quilt was finished the other night. One more marked off my list! It was made from some leftover blocks I found while unpacking stuff from Big Canoe and I think it would make a cute quilt so I’ll add it to my list.



Biking on the weekend from our townhouse in Minneapolis to the Chain of Lakes … spreading a quilt by the water, kayaking, eating lunch at the Tin Fish restaurant.


I just read that the Tin Fish is no longer operating at Lake Calhoun … maybe one of these days I’ll go with Keith to Minneapolis and we’ll rent bikes and check out the new restaurant.


We love football season and even though it’s a challenge to follow our teams from a distance (our games are rarely televised locally) we usually end up watching at least part of the game at a local pub.

The Vikings managed to eek out a tie against Green Bay but the Redskins lost – at least he still managed a smile for me!



I debated for a while trying to recreate the part of the blog I lost when I changed providers but it became apparent pretty quickly that it was way too time consuming …. so every now and then I decide to share some older memories … I love that Google Photos pulls photos and creates collages from past events. We made several trips to Lake Superior when we were living in Minneapolis.

The North Shore of Lake Superior | 2011