This is the second of three t-shirt quilts Mom and I are making from my sister-in-law’s shirts for her three grandchildren. Quilted with the pantograph Happy Times.


It’s the same basic layout as the first one but we used flying geese instead of the pinwheel blocks. I was talking about my Flying Geese die last week which I haven’t used yet and this was the first time Mom had used her die. I cut them out for her and she said they were really easy to piece —  look how accurate her piecing is.


This will go back to Mom for binding and if all goes as expected, I’ll get the last of these quilted next week.

Vintage quilts

You know I love vintage quilts and I spend a lot of time on eBay looking for inspiration. I love quilts set with plain alternate blocks but for some reason I don’t ever think I have just the right fabric for it.

I think I just need to go for it … a churn dash or sawtooth star maybe?!

Vintage quilts from eBay

Of course I have work to do before starting anything else and next up will be the green and brown Flock of Geese but I’m happy to report that I did spend about an hour and a half in the sewing room today and all the RWB half square triangle blocks are done and that top is ready to assemble AND I loaded the next t-shirt quilt from Mom on the longarm and that’s ready to quilt.

Adam is coming tomorrow to visit for a few days but he won’t get here until late so maybe I can manage some assembly or quilting time in the afternoon!

Lucky again

The A/C problem turned out to be a bad breaker and not a problem with the unit. I also found out that the two units were mixed up on our inspection report and the one upstairs is the newer unit (8-9 years old). We still have a 16 year old unit but for now it’s working.

I had an appointment for a massage today … the woman I usually go to has left so I tried someone new, she was OK but won’t end up as my new massage therapist.

After dealing with the A/C guy and going out for my masage, it was time for the Tour de France so it was another day I didn’t get into the sewing room.

I did cast on another scarf but not the one for me, that yarn needs winding into a ball. I cast on the feather and fan scarf and got two inches in before making a mistake and ending up off one stitch. It’s not a hard pattern but I decided I didn’t want to think that hard while watching the Tour so I pulled it out and cast on another garter stitch crescent scarf to donate.

Paperwork came for the Big Canoe sale … we’ll have to get it signed and notarized and overnight it back on Friday but it looks like we’re on track for a Monday closing.

Cast off

I probably could have knit another row before casting off but after running out of yarn for the first time ever during the cast off on my last scarf, I decided to play it safe and use the yarn weight given in the pattern.


This is the Yowza Weigh it Scarf but I added a ribbed edge instead of the ruffle on this one. It’s a crescent shape and really warm and cozy!


The yarn looks more brown in the photo but it’s a pretty burgundy with lighter red highlights. This one along with 7 other scarves will be donated this fall. My Mom’s Church in VA has a group that makes and donates scarves from donated yarn so instead of yarn, I’ll donate the finished scarves.

Do you cook?

I don’t post much about cooking but I do cook. In the last couple years I’ve bought both an Air Fryer and an Instant Pot and I use both of them all the time!

I recently tried this recipe for the Instant Pot and it was good although I am going to tweak it a little the next time I make it. I’d like to add red onion which I use in one of my other pasta dishes but I’m still trying to avoid onion in my diet …. green onion however is OK so I’ll try that first … also, I use mozzarella in my bruschetta pasta dishes so I want to try that chopped up in small cubes in addition or maybe in place of the parmesan.


If you have an Instant Pot, or are interested in one, check out the link above and her other recipes … she just posted this one and I’m pretty sure I’m going to try it too.



My upstairs A/C unit is not cooling … and it’s July in FL! You might be wondering how that makes me lucky? Luckily, we have two units and the one downstairs IS working.

Our Tampa townhouse is a large, two story house with 3 bedrooms upstairs. Because of my quilting, we only have one guest bedroom upstairs and since we need two bedrooms when either of the boys visit us, we have a daybed and trundle set up in Keith’s office downstairs (his office is actually the formal dining room and we added French doors for privacy).

So I’m also lucky that I have an actual bed downstairs where the air is working to sleep on tonight.


I’ve got someone coming tomorrow morning to look at it – the unit is 16 years old so I need to do some research and see if repair even makes sense.

Tour de France

This is something you won’t normally see – I never sit in the family room and watch TV when Keith is out of town except during the Tour de France. Hours of knitting each night cuddled up with Finn! I’m making good progress on the burgundy scarf and am already knitting the ribbed edge. Of course there are LOTs of stitches on my needles so it will still take a little while to finish it up but I think I’m going to cast on something for me after this one – I’ll have 8 to donate next time I go up to VA.