I never get tired of these Quick Strippies! I’m working on finishing several smaller quilts to be donated this summer and the Doggie Strippie will be part of that batch. The binding was finished yesterday and it’s UFO finish #5 for the year.

Doll quilts

I’d made a couple doll quilts in the past to give myself some small handwork projects but I didn’t really get into making them until we moved here to Tampa. I saw it as a way to use leftover bits or even blocks and end up with a piece of wall art, a quilt for one of my granddaughters’ dolls, or a donation. I also get to use up leftover pieces of batting and backings so I feel really frugal when I’m making one! (You can see a slide show of the full images by clicking on any photo.)

Do you make doll quilts?!

What if?

What if I took those angled pieces cut off the strip-sets I’m using for my spool blocks and sewed them together and trimmed them into squares? I’m sure I saved the leftovers from my first spool quilt somewhere with the idea that I’d see if I could use them for a doll quilt but that quilt was pieced in 2017 and I hadn’t followed through. I do best using the leftover bits for doll quilts if I piece them right after I finish the quilt they came from.

I took a brief break from piecing spool blocks to see what kind of block I would get if I sewed those pieces together. Now that I know, I’ll set them aside until I finish the spools!

I’ve finished the binding on the doggie Strippie and I’ll try to get a photo tomorrow. One more UFO to mark off my list!

Sewing with a view

This view might be too distracting when pool season rolls around but I’m enjoying it while I sit and sew. I set some goals for the 2 weeks left in the month before I travel … I probably wouldn’t have accomplished as much today if I wasn’t focused on what I wanted to get done before I head out of town on the 25th.

In addition to piecing spool blocks, I trimmed the doggie Strippie, made the binding and got it machine stitched on – I’ll get it hand stitched down this week. I also pieced a back for one of the charm quilt tops from our January precut party and I’ll get that one quilted this week.

So my goals for the next 2 weeks are:

  • Finish piecing spool blocks and assemble top
  • quilt 2 tops
  • bind the doggie Strippie
  • make progress on (?finish knitting) the turquoise afghan.

I might be spending too much time at the local pub watching hockey when the bartender pours my beer before I order! It’s nice to have a safe place within walking distance where I can get dinner and watch some of the game when Keith is out of town. Go Bolts!

The weekend flew by

I’m not sure how it got to be Sunday night already!! Keith has gone up to bed, he travels again tomorrow and I’m just finishing up downstairs before I go up to knit a few rows on the turquoise afghan. I wanted to mention that our family room furniture was finally delivered on Saturday — we gave Adam the furniture that was in the room back in January and have been sitting in beach chairs the few times we’ve actually used the room since then. I’m thrilled to have furniture back in the room and I’m hoping that Keith likes this as much as he thinks he will. (I actually preferred the sectional with the recliners we had in there).

I still have to do something with the plug from the light … I’m thinking a flat extension cord that will plug into the outlet UNDER the sofa not the one that has ended up beside it. Finn is very happy to have some furniture back in this room. He was NOT happy about not having a spot beside me to sit.

We’ve also enjoyed some porch time both Saturday and Sunday — our weather has been really, really nice — not too hot and no humidity yet! We have no plans for St Patrick’s Day next weekend other than another bike ride but we’re celebrating our Irish heritage this month!

I didn’t make it into the sewing room on Saturday but I did manage some time this afternoon and got another 8 spool blocks done.

Pedal assist bikes

I had some questions about ebikes yesterday so I did a Google search so I could share some information. If you want to read a good article about electric bikes … read this.

We bought my first pedal assist bike about 10 years ago and while I still have it, it’s heavy and we were having issues with the battery. For me, I want to ride as much as possible without using the assist and that means a lighter more maneuverable bike is important as is having the assist when I need it and that’s what Keith bought me yesterday. My bike is NOT like a scooter … it will not go if I don’t pedal and it’s also important to me to be able to turn the assist off. I only want to use it when I need it.

Today we went out on a 15 mile ride and a good part of the ride was done without any assist. We rode over to Davis Island and stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the view and watch the sailing class.

Then we rode back across the bay and down to Ballast Point to have lunch.

I love the view of downtown from here and having lunch on the water.

After lunch we rode the 3 miles home along the bay. That’s Keith out in front of me and the bike is so easy to control that I was able to grab my phone out of my pocket and snap a photo of him while I was riding.

The bike we bought is a Townie Go bike and clicking this link will take you to that website. For me, the advantages of having a pedal assist are that I can ride a much longer time, go further distances than I could on my own, keep up with Keith who has long legs and is a very active guy, and it allows me to go out riding without worrying if I’ll have enough stamina to get home!

A new bike

Keith knows I’m having problems walking the longer distances we are used to especially in the heat so we’d been taking about replacing my bike and today he suggested we go look at bikes …. I found an ebike I love, with pedal assist for when I need it. I rode it home … just a mile and a half but I can’t wait to go riding tomorrow!