2020 Precut Party

We decided we’d play with precuts again this year. Here’s the list and Stephanie will pull one out of the hat each month. There’s always the option to just choose whatever precut you’d like to work on too.
1) FQs
2) Layer Cakes
3) Jelly Rolls
4) Charm Squares
5) Triangles
6) Panels
7) Kits
8) Bundles
9) Shapes
10) Scraps
11) Skinnies/Strings
12) Blocks/Orphans

January’s precut is bundles and I had leftover fat quarters from the Hunter Star quilt that Mom and I pieced that I wanted to use up so I cut a bunch of tumblers. Add in some fabric from stash and I’m ready to toss them up on the design wall. I could be more random but there are a lot of repeats and I want to make sure I distribute them throughout the quilt.

It’s going to be busy but I love busy scrap quilts.


Finally! The light/dark HeartStrings top is assembled and already hanging in the closet waiting it’s turn for quilting.

Off my needles

Another hat, for Chris if he wants it otherwise it will go in the donation pile.

  • Pattern – Sandoval Hat – a free pattern from Ravelry
  • Yarn – Paintbox Simply Aran – colorway is racing green
  • Needle size – 9

I hope to sew the last seams on the light/dark HeartStrings top tonight!

Hunter Star

I am planning to sew a little tonight but I thought I’d show you the progress Mom made on the Hunter Star we were working on when she was here.

This one started as a lap size quilt that I was making but Mom really wanted a bed size quilt in the same fabrics I was using but was afraid it was too many blocks to make herself so I gave her my finished blocks and helped her make the other blocks before she left. She has it done except for the last border that I told her I’d help her with. One of these days I’ll make some more blocks for a lap size quilt, they’re easy to make with the GO die.

I sewed a little

I didn’t feel up to much after a difficult night but I did manage to sew a little while. The light/dark HeartStrings blocks are all sewn into rows. Normally I sew these into larger 4 block sections first but it just seemed easier to work on one row at a time tonight.

I also started another hat – Chris wanted me to make him a couple more and since he’s coming back for the children’s Gasparilla parade in a couple weeks I thought I’d get started on the second one.

On the mend

I’m finally starting to feel just a little better although I’ve spent the last two days just sleeping – I think it will take a while to feel back to normal but it’s a start!

I did manage to spend an hour on Sunday afternoon with Adam and the kids before going back up to bed. They loved their quilts! Mom and I made Rae’s and Mo’s quilts together but I made Caleb’s and she made Bree’s … in the end, all 4 of the kids got new quilts this Christmas.

Looking at this photo reminds me that I still have to take the tree and Christmas decorations down! That might delay my return to the sewing room by a day or two.

I got a cute photo of Mo yesterday … Becky commented on how much she LOVES the afghan I made for Mo earlier this year. I love seeing the quilts and blankets being loved and used … and that little bag in her lap, it’s one of several Mom has made for her and Becky said she loves sitting and zipping and unzipping it over and over! Luckily, none of them have gotten sick. I was worried because I came down with the flu on the last day of their visit and you know that you’re contagious before the symptoms even show up.

I’ve stayed away from Adam and his family since they arrived on Thursday with Keith going out every day and spending time with them. I had Keith buy me a face mask to wear tomorrow. I’m hoping that I’m not contagious after 9 days but since I’m coughing a lot still, I’ll wear the mask and won’t hug and kiss on the kids. Caleb made a card for me at dinner tonight and sent it home with Keith.

It has a dinosaur of course! I can’t wait to see his face tomorrow when I give him his new dinosaur quilt.