More errands

Finn got his haircut yesterday and today it was my turn.


I usually don’t do so much running around and I was out doing more errands today but first I finished assembling my HeartStrings top. Glad to check that one off the list. The Patriotic Rail Fence is still not loaded on the longarm but that will either happen later tonight if I find some energy or tomorrow.



I would rather be knitting or starting a new quilt today but I’ve got too much to accomplish to even think about it. I’m such a procrastinator and usually I can drag out the assembly of a top or unpacking from a trip for days and even weeks but my goals help keep me on track and so do timers especially on a day like today when I don’t want to do any of it!!

I’m setting my timer in 30 minute segments and going from unpacking to assembling to laundry to walking Finn. Progress has been made all around but it’s most evident in the HeartStrings quilt – the last blocks were trimmed and I’ve got the top partially assembled. Next I’ll start assembling the big blocks into rows.


And while it doesn’t look like it, a lot of progress has been made unpacking but there’s still so much to be gone through and organized before it’s done.


I’m hoping to get the patriotic rail fence top loaded on the longarm today too. I always underestimate how long it’s going to take me to recover from a trip but I did get through the 5 weeks of mail that had accumulated on Monday, and I did get a massage yesterday too.


Jelly Rolls

Yes, I have a problem — I can’t resist buying Jelly Rolls on sale. I won’t pay $40 dollars for them but $13 – $18 … yep, I’m in and I always buy more fabric when I’m not getting time in the sewing room so September and October were bad (good?) shopping months for me. Now, it’s time to think about how to use them. You can always do a google image or Pinterest search for Jelly Roll quilts but I thought I’d look at my quilt photos and see what I have that can be made from 2.5 inch strips. Some quilts have borders, some have added backgrounds so I can certainly pull from stash to add to the Jelly Roll or I can just make them borderless. Some I have two or maybe even 3 of the same Jelly Roll and others I have just one.

I’m adding the photos as a slideshow since there are so many of them and it’s nice to have the ideas in one place when I’m ready to start sewing them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you buy them? What’s your favorite pattern you’ve used to make a Jelly Roll Quilt?

More problems

The tire is fixed and we got on the road this morning. And believe it or not after a few hours of driving, a rock was thrown up from a neighboring car and  now we have a large crack in her windshield.  CRAP!!!



We were up and on the road early this morning, the drive was going well, and we expected to be home by 8pm …. that’s not going to happen now but I’m still thankful.

In spite of being hit with something from the side causing a flat tire, I’m thankful that the car handled well at 70 miles per hour, that we were able to get off the highway, re-fill the tire with air and limp to Walmart where they’ll get it repaired by this evening before they close. Thankful that there is a nearby hotel that allows dogs, thankful that Keith was with me, and thankful that having made it to Savannah, the drive home in the morning won’t be bad and that we should be home by 12pm.

I’m even thankful for Uber – I’m NOT a fan and never take Uber myself but Keith uses it frequently and was able to get a car fairly quickly to come pick us up and drive us to the hotel so we didn’t have to sit at the auto center for hours!