We’ve had storms late afternoon both yesterday and today but plenty of time for the beach, pool, and kayaking before they hit. The sunsets are subdued due to all the clouds but we’re still enjoying them!

Settled in

We had a busy day, driving from Virginia to the Outer Banks, getting groceries, meeting family for lunch, getting everything in the house and set up but we had time for a swim … so looking forward to this week with my girls!

And Mom!


Even though I moved away almost 30 years ago it was still “going home” when I visited Mom in Newport News where I grew up. Now that she’s living with my sister in another part of the state it feels weird to fly in here. We’re at a hotel tonight and we’ll drive down to Hatteras in the morning.

That’s the James River Bridge and the Newport News shipyard in the photo.


I was hoping I’d finish this one before the next trip and I crocheted the last stitch this afternoon! I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite so far although I have really liked the other ones too.

This was a new free pattern and I posted the link and details here. If you decide to give it a try just remember that she uses UK crochet terms which are different from US terms. She does tell you that but it’s been my experience that people miss that and wonder why their project isn’t turning out right.

This one has a slip stitch edging which I really liked.

And just look at all that beautiful texture!!!

There were fewer knots in the Caron Big Cakes I used for this blanket, just 2 in 2 and a half cakes which is better than some of the others so I guess it’s hit or miss. It didn’t stop me from ordering more yarn!

My packing is done and after I pack up Finn’s stuff for boarding, I’m going to sew some more strips and strings log cabin blocks!


Chris sent me a photo the other day … he’s bringing my kayak to Hatteras and I can’t wait to be on the water every day! He had to have a trial run because he hasn’t hauled it for me with this car before.

Strips and Strings Log Cabin

Narrow strips and Strings are our “precut” for May which is perfect because I’ve been meaning to make one of my Strips and Strings Log Cabin quilts for a few years now …. time goes by quickly and I think the last one of these I finished was in 2014 not too long after we moved from Minneapolis.

I need 48 blocks and the first 8 are done. Hopefully they’ll go quicker now that I’m back in the groove.

For now I’m taking a break to snuggle with Finn. We got a trip coming up and I want to make sure he gets lots of attention before I leave.