He loves it

It may not look like it but Adam is VERY happy to get his T-shirt quilt. I’d actually forgotten when he got here but after a while he commented that it would be nice to have a quilt across his lap — I pointed him to Keith’s quilt not getting his hint. After he made himself clear … I gave him his quilt. Poor thing has waited too long for this one. We had fun looking over the t-shirts and remembering the trips we’d been on when we bought them.

Photo memories

I love the little notifications that share photos from years past … today this one of Mom popped up. Hard to believe it’s been a year since she visited me in Tampa. We had such a good, productive time working on lots of projects together. I did visit her in March but this has been the longest time between visits ever I think. Even when we first moved to Florida I would get back to visit about once every 3 months or so and there have been times during all the other years that I’ve visited every month or two. This is hard!

I love this photo of her with Mo that was taken during the same visit. As soon as it’s safe, we’re planning for her to come here to Big Canoe for a visit and she’ll get to see her birthday buddy again too!

I know that we take more risk than some of you by seeing the kids but we do have ongoing conversations about their precautions and all the little ones are still doing online school. It’s been hard not visiting with Mom but it would be even harder if we weren’t seeing the kids.


Let’s just all go out to a bar and drink and dance and who the hell needs masks and social distancing?! No wonder Georgia has been a hot spot for COVID!

This is why we don’t go out and do anything … the idiots here and in Florida don’t take any precautions. I should probably not go on Facebook because it makes me crazy.


Hats are such quick projects. After making these two, I’m looking forward to November … it’s the time of year I usually make my hats for Christmas. I’ll need to remember to bring plenty of hat yarn AND my needles back with us although I’m fine with using Magic Loop now if needed.

Oh happy day!

I saw the Orthopedic doctor this morning and I’m in a boot and off the crutches. That makes me very happy and very relieved. I felt like being on crutches was another accident waiting to happen. He said I could use a cane with the boot if I needed it but I think it’s going to be OK. He also said he didn’t think I’d need surgery …. what?! Let’s hope things heal like he expects them to because I didn’t even think surgery was a possibility.

Another Hat

Not much going on here, I’m resting with my ankle elevated for the most part … reading, crochet, knitting, and some iPad games. Finn stays snuggled up close. The hat on the needles doesn’t look like much but I like how much stretch it has and it will look completely different on.

I see the Orthopedic Dr in the morning and hope to come home in a boot and more mobile!

Another Ripple

I started to use this yarn for another project but I didn’t like the drape. It’s not as soft as some I use but I think it feels even less soft coming right after the Mandala Ombré yarn which was super soft. I’ve only got two skeins so I don’t know how long it’s going to end up but I chained 130 to start it.

  • Pattern – Easy Ripple – found free on Ravelry
  • Hook size – I
  • Yarn – Caron Jumbo – colorway is Garden Grows

Thank you

Thank you all for your well wishes and tips to help me through this unexpected turn of events. I think the hardest thing about this right now is being on crutches! Who knew they’d be so hard to manage?! I’m seeing the Orthopedic Dr on Thursday and I’m hoping that maybe by then I’d be able to tolerate weight bearing AND that he’ll allow it and put me in a boot. That’s what I had the last time and trust me, it’s much easier than the crutches.

Several people mentioned manning the sewing machine pedal with my left foot and I did do that last time. This week I’m just going to keep the leg elevated, get in to see the doctor, do some knitting and crochet and we’ll see what next week brings. Thanks again!


I mentioned I finished the little blue hat last week. I had Mo try it on for me to see if it would fit a little head and it does … her head is about the same size as the child I’m making it for but I’m going to make one more and make it a little snugger. I’ll send both when I’m done because he should be able to wear this one for a while since it’s got lots of give.

Deja Vu

It was seven years ago this month that I broke my right ankle … and I broke it again today playing kickball with Chris and his family. I messed up all our plans for the week and Rae went home with her parents and Keith drove me to the ER. I’ll have to call the orthopedic doctor tomorrow and get seen but they X-rayed my ankle, splinted it, and gave me crutches.

There won’t be any hiking for weeks now and that makes me very sad! I also won’t be sewing. Good thing I have some knitting and crochet to work on. Once I see the doctor and get a boot or cast I’ll try to scoot down the stairs on my bottom and maybe I’ll be able to pin baste the doll quilt and hand quilt it too. We’ll see how it goes.