Today’s progress

I quilted Mom’s Bento Box top she pieced last week. Pantograph is Happy Times. This is the 8th top quilted for Mom during her visit.

And here she is working on the 7th top quilted – she started stitching it down last night and is working on it again tonight…it’s a big one so she might be working on it tomorrow night too!

We also pieced some more Hunter’s Star blocks – just 3 left to piece and Mom will start on those tomorrow while I cut the many borders the quilt will have!

A quick visit

Adam is here for a quick overnight visit to see Mom. We picked him up at the airport, had lunch, went to Michael’s (both my boys are enjoy creative activities as a result of lots of crafty time growing up!), came back to the house …

Played some dominoes… and we got beat by Mom!

Had some more time before dinner so we went up to the sewing room and Adam drew Mom a cardinal while we made some more Hunter’s Star blocks.
I managed to clear away just enough space on the desk!

Dinner out and more dominoes to finish off the evening … we’ll have some time with him tomorrow and then he’ll fly back to Atlanta around dinner time.

Back to work

Mom loved my Hunter’s Star blocks so much she was debating whether she wanted to make a bed quilt for herself … I decided to make it easy for her and offered her my blocks and help getting the rest of the blocks made before she leaves. We made a start today after our company and Keith left … I cut and arranged the fabric for the additional blocks and then we started sewing.

The quilt needs to be 96 inches square so we’re going to have 25 blocks – set 5×5 – and then a number of borders … including a wide 12 inch border to finish it off with cornerstone Star blocks from the same green fabric hanging on the side of the design wall. All this means that we needed to make an additional 17 blocks and we got 5 done this afternoon. I also loaded her last little top on the longarm to quilt later this week.

Some creative time

Keith and Jamie took the afternoon and went for a bike ride, exploring downtown and getting some lunch while they were out. Ann and Mom stayed with me and we pulled out a small wool felt kit I had here and stitched some stockings. Ann loves handwork and has ordered a couple wool appliqué kits and I thought she could use the practice since it’s been a while since she’s done any.

Mom doesn’t like handwork as much but she made one too.

I enjoy handwork, embroidery and small appliqué projects (hand appliqué) but between my quilting, crochet, and knitting I don’t have the time to devote to it and I’m not willing to do less of the others! However, we had a fun afternoon stitching together.


Have I mentioned that Mom is approaching her 88th birthday?! You’ve seen that she’s amazing in the sewing room and makes beautiful quilts … LOTS of beautiful quilts … but did you know she used to be a golfer? Today we went to TopGolf… she’s still got it!

She beat both me and Ann the first round but I did manage to squeak by her in the 2nd round.

We had such a good time!

Happy Halloween

We have visitors – my sister Ann and her husband Jamie are here for a few days, visiting from Maryland.

And I got photos from the boys … I was only able to guess one costume. Apparently Rae is JoJo, a singer who wears big bows… and Mo is Elsa

Bree is Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story and you can see what Caleb dressed as!

Another Ripple

I was ready to start a new crochet project and after looking through my Ravelry Queue decided I needed something easy … so I started another Easy Ripple tonight. Yarn is Caron Big Cakes and the colorway is Plum Pudding. Hook size is H.