Before and After

There was a futon at the house here when we bought it … it was in sad shape, missing an arm and the cover was in bad condition but I wanted to keep it if possible, as an additional seating area in my nook and extra sleeping space if needed. So I bought a new cover and Chris made new arms for it and I’m much happier with it. Of course the carpet is new in that room too – I LOVE having new carpet in the entire house!



Back to work

I got the Puppy 5 yard quilt assembled. That makes 5 tops plus some camo yardage that Chris wants quilted up to take back home … and just like that I’m behind on my goal to finish as many of my quilts as I start.

We will go back to Tampa in August and I plan to get a bunch quilted but I’m not sure how long we’re going to stay. With the rising number of COVID cases and deaths, I don’t see Keith flying for work in the near future and if he’s working from home he can do it here in GA just as easily as in Tampa.


Today we took the kids to Amicalola Falls State Park to hike up to the waterfall. They did great and I was happy to be hiking in one of my favorite places.

It had been a while since we’d been and we ended up taking a different trail up … it was a little more difficult than our usual trail and we came down the usual one. The kids said they preferred Gram’s trail to Pop’s but I don’t think they quite understood that one reason it was so much easier was that we were going DOWN!

It was a wonderful day with Keith and the kids!

This evening, Adam met us at Chris’ house and we all had dinner together before we came back home (alone). It was a fun visit and now Keith and I are looking forward to a quiet weekend!

No sewing

I won’t be sewing the next few days. Adam arrived last night to bring Caleb and stayed overnight and today and Chris is bringing Rae at dinner time. We’ll have the two kids for a couple days and are looking forward to some time with just them. We enjoyed the time with Adam today too!

The kids were very excited to see a deer on our hike and then we saw two in the back yard too!


I haven’t gotten into a routine here with my crochet, at home in Tampa I have a recliner in the bedroom and I sit up half the night with my crochet but there’s no room for a chair in the bedroom here so I end up reading a book or cruising the internet but I do find some time … an hour here and there … and some slow progress is being made. Finn’s always happy to settle in and nap while I work.

Guy quilts

I’m sewing along with HeartStrings today. The WI/MN group is meeting to share progress and exchange projects in different stages and the theme for this meeting is guy quilts so I grabbed a “kit” I’d put together a while back and started cutting and making blocks. You’ve seen me make this one before – it’s the Five Yard quilt that I made for Caleb and I also used it with some other stash fabric. For those two quilts I made extra blocks and didn’t put borders on but I’m thinking I’ll do the borders this time.

Isn’t this a cute little puppy print? I’ve got enough of these fabrics left to make a Quick Strippie too. And since this is a project I’d kitted up a while back, I’m counting it toward my July precut challenge!

The pattern came free with my dinosaur bundle that I used for Caleb’s quilt but I searched online and did find the pattern posted.


I love hiking the trails here at Big Canoe! We walked my favorite one today to the lower falls. No photo of the falls because there was a crowd of people in front of them. Most people walk up the Jeep trail to the falls because it’s wider and easier which is fine with me because we pretty much had the other trails all to ourselves.

Now I’m going to sew a few masks and then it’s time for Sangria and I’ll be fixing one of Keith’s favorite dinners tonight – the Greek rice bowl in the Instant Pot.

Happy 4th

It was an uneventful day around here – I sewed some more masks including ones for Caleb and Rae who are going to visit us for a couple days next week. We have plans to do some hiking and go to the lake if the weather allows and while we don’t expect to be in any crowds, they might need masks when we first arrive at the lake and at the park until we get set up off by ourselves.

I fixed a Waldorf Chicken Salad for the first time for dinner tonight that got Keith’s approval and then we went down by the lake for a bit.

I’d seen one bench from the road by the lake but didn’t realize they had a whole park like area with several benches, some picnic tables, and a grassy area. We didn’t stay until sunset but it’s very close to the house so I can see it being a place we go back to often. This is the same lake I kayak on.

Masks again

I’m trying a new style of masks. My sister drafted a pattern and one of her friends created a plastic template for it. I bought it a couple months ago but the pleated ones are so easy I’ve kept making those. Keith has a problem with the ties and Chris wanted to try the other style so I made two today. The ties on these are just one inch strips cut from t-shirts and when you stretch them, they curl and work perfectly. You loop the tie through the sides and it just has to tie at the neck. I’m not sure how many more of these I’ll make but I’ll make a few and if Chris likes them, I’ll probably make another batch for him.

We did some shopping today (socially distancing and wearing our masks of course). Some things to personalize our space. Keith liked this bear and he was holding a sign that said welcome but I found one I liked better and now he’s greeting guests at our front door!

We also found a wine cabinet. The wine bottles have been taking up too much of my kitchen counter space so it’s nice to have them in their own place!

And when we stopped by the post office to pick up our mail, these two small deer ran across the road in front of us and went straight to Momma and started nursing.