This is what my cameras caught in the wee hours of the morning … and it’s why I wouldn’t let my cat run around outdoors at Big Canoe! ( Not that I have a cat! )

Another 3 Yard Quilt

I mentioned last week that HeartStrings is doing a 3 yard quilt challenge and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to make some kid quilts for donation. This is the 2nd Town Square quilt from Fabric Cafe that I cut and pieced this morning. Next up will be two Strippies from the leftover fabric from both quilts.

This afternoon I drove to New Port Richey to meet Sandy, a friend of Kathy’s, who is heading back to WI soon and she’s taking 6 finished donation quilts to Kathy for me, saving me the cost of shipping them. I miss attending the sew-ins in WI and I like to send Kathy quilts once or twice a year so I can still be part of the group effort even though I’m participating remotely!

And I’m done!

My quilting marathon is finished. I had a goal of 10 for the month but since the pillow shams for my Aunt were equal to the size of a small quilt I’m calling it 11 quilted!. Here’s her queen size quilt.

Pantograph is Bountiful Feathers. I was nice and trimmed it for her too. I’ll ship it back to her and it will be ready to bind.


That was a fast week! It seems like I just put up last week’s video. I’m trying a different app for stitching the videos together. iMovie seems to have a problem with freezing the videos in certain spots when exporting and it takes a lot of time to go back and re-save and then check. Do you notice how well the deer fade into the background. Sometimes I don’t see them all until they twitch!

Kite quilts

I don’t normally use a lot of white backgrounds in my quilts because I’m afraid of doing a lot of work and the quilt getting stained but I’ve been looking at vintage quilts on eBay again and this quilt appeals to me.

This quilt is in bad shape … but I like how the blocks come together.

I’ve only used my Kite die once and I sashed those blocks. Maybe it’s time to try another quilt with it?!

A rest day

I usually stay pretty focused on my goals but I’m on track to meet the ones I set in March so I’ve given myself a break today. After not sleeping last night, I was up early and got my first COVID shot. I feel fine but just not in the mood to work when I got home so I read a while, took a very short nap, enjoyed the evening with Keith and after he went to bed, picked up the Afghan I started last night. I finished the blue blanket stitch Afghan but set it aside without weaving the ends in and immediately started a new one. Tomorrow, I’ll need to try and finish up the quilt on the longarm and I’ll get back to weaving those ends in soon, in the next few days.

  • Pattern – Shell Stitch Baby Blanket, found free on Ravelry
  • Hook size – H
  • Yarn, Caron Cotton Cakes – colorway is Blush and Bloom
  • Chained 133

3 Yard Quilts

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon and rather than finishing up the challenging quilt on the longarm, I decided to make the rest of the blocks and assemble this little top. My HeartStrings group is doing a 3 and/or 5 yard quilt project and I was anxious to join in the fun. This one is called Town Square and it’s from the Easy Peasy 3 yard quilt book from Fabric Cafe. The pattern had two skinny borders but I like it better without and at 44 x 58 it’s plenty big. I’ll bind it in the green.

I love the little dog print and I’ve got enough left over for a Quick Strippie too.

I’m so weak…

I’ve been very good about not buying yarn. I have plenty here and I seem to be crocheting a little slower but Joann’s had a really good sale and I couldn’t resist. Yep, that’s $16 for a child size Afghan. They also had some Mandala Ombré on sale and I got some of that too – it was a little more expensive at 5.99 a skein but still a bargain. I bought enough for 9 afghans total … yes, I have a problem. I cannot resist a good sale but it will be used AND I got a text today with photos of a bunch of kids who had received my quilts I donated in February … I rarely see who receives the quilts and blankets I make so it was really special to see them with their quilts and as long as there is need, I will continue to make and donate.


I got the Plus 3 top bound a couple nights ago.

That’s the last binding – My Aunt’s Quilt #10 of 10 is on the longarm now but I won’t have to bind it which is good. It’s giving me fits! The center is quite a bit larger than the edges and while I’ve got it about 2/3 quilted and only have a few tucks so far, I’m not sure how I’m going to get this last bit done. Crossing my fingers that I can manage it somehow.

I’ve mentioned before that we’ve been a one car family since 2007 except about a year when we first moved back to FL but we knew we were going to need a second car at Big Canoe since you have to drive everywhere unlike Minneapolis and Tampa. Keith has been wanting a truck and I finally caved in and agreed. He picked it up yesterday and is very happy.