Heading home

I had a great visit but I miss Chesty and am happy we’re heading home tomorrow. I loved the cold and my scarf kept me very cosy! I’d definitely recommend the pattern and the yarn.



I’m not a social person but…

It just so happened that that there was a holiday party this week here in MN and we attended. It was very, VERY nice and I enjoyed myself. We were gifted with a holiday ornament too – Waterford crystal which the Irish in me loves.


We have a number of ornaments over the years that represent the companies Keith has worked for … But none for me – interesting how that has happened.


I am a bag HO

Seriously, I am always in search of the perfect bag and Keith just rolls his eyes when I buy a new one. I’m talking, tote bags, travel bags, purses, knitting bags (I’m a bin HO too but that’s another post for another time). Lately I’ve been looking for a better knitting bag to carry with me on trips and I’m pretty sure I found it thanks to this blog post.

No, it’s not cheap but as much as I love a bargain, finding the perfect bag to end my search is worth it. Unfortunately it’s on backorder until March but I’ve ordered it anyway.




I always worry about Chesty when I travel – he hates to see my suitcase come out although he doesn’t mind Keith coming and going. He was very clingy before we left but Keith’s nephew is watching him at the apartment so I didn’t expect any issues. William let me know he’d thrown up some yesterday but seemed fine afterwards and that’s not unusual these days so I wasn’t too worried but he called again today saying that Chesty wouldn’t stand up — he was trying to get him to go for a walk before he left for work and Chesty kept ‘falling down and rolling on his back’. We know he has some problems with his back legs and after questioning William further I asked him to carry Chesty outside and see if he’d go to the bathroom and then call me back.

It turns out he was just fine … Sometimes when Chesty doesn’t feel the need to go out he’ll just lay there and want you to rub his belly instead. This is William’s first time watching him (usually his twin brother Andrew does) and I think he was a little nervous – probably because I had him come over and gave him a 20 minute orientation to caring for Chesty and a written page of instructions including medication administration!!!

Chesty last week curled up while I was quilting.


After reassuring myself all was OK at home I walked around downtown enjoying the snow flurries, had lunch, and then visited the library….one of the things I miss most.



On my needles

It’s been a while since I knit from a chart – finding this Lace Ribbon Scarf a fun one – pretty easy to knit by glancing at the chart at the beginning of the row. A little concentration is needed but not too much which makes it a good travel project.



Feeling festive in MN



Cast on

We’re traveling today and I wanted to carry a small knitting project to work on rather than the crochet blanket already in progress so I spent some time looking through patterns on Ravelry. I decide it was past time to use some of the Wollmeise yarn I’d been stashing. It’s hard to get and not cheap so I’ve felt like it has to be the perfect project … Only I’ve bought 25 skeins of the stuff and it’s time to use some of it, perfect project or not!!

The Lace Ribbon scarf has been in my queue for a while so I cast on at midnight. Luckily our flight isn’t early so I can stay up a bit to get a good start on it and still get some sleep before we leave.


I’ve finished binding my big stitch quilt but want to wash out the marks I made before photographing it so it will have to wait until I get back from Minneapolis.


Off my needles

I finished knitting this at Mom’s but just got the ends woven in today. Looking forward to wearing this next week in Minneapolis.


Pattern – Yowza Weigh it Shawl

Yarn – Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein, worsted.



My last UFO for the year – a Strips and Strings log cabin.


Instructions are on my website.



I’m puttering along, binding is done on this one and in progress on another. I also got the HST Quilt trimmed and ready for binding.

Pieced by Barbara at the HeartStrings Maine sew-in


And in the mail, a postcard from Vicki. We’re not putting up a tree so maybe this will be my substitute! Be sure to check her blog if you’re following her Drunkard’s Path sew along. She has some more layouts to inspire you today. As for me, I’ve got two more Drunkard’s Path quilts cut out but I won’t get to them until the binding is done or even later …. Maybe I can play again in January?!


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