Goodbye peace and quiet

It’s been 12+ years since Keith has worked out of the house … Now, when he’s not traveling he’ll be working from the apartment. Today he was on a conference call in the living area and I was sewing in the back bedroom … with my music on to drown him out. I realized I could use the small rotating mat on the ironing board so I didn’t have to go into the kitchen to trim my blocks. The second set of blocks is done so now I just have to assemble both tops but tomorrow is a Spa day!

Having him around during the day will take some getting used to!



Someone is needy!

I’m trying to allow plenty of cuddle time – I think he’d sit here all day if I would.



The design wall is up

I worked some more on the RWB HeartStrings blocks and then put up the design wall. I’d intended to have my sewing table under the window in the small room but with the trundle bed, I needed to rearrange the room so I could use my design wall.

These are the blocks I made last week at Mom’s. I’ll rearrange them a little before sewing them together later this week.



Scavenger hunt

After searching through bins for pins, scissors, rulers, muslin, and other necessary items I cut some muslin foundations and started my 2nd set of RWB HeartStrings blocks.

My kitchen island will have to serve as a cutting table.


I’m taking the easy way with this set of blocks … The centers are cut 2 inches like our standard HeartStrings blocks but the strips are all cut 2.5 inches. Since I only brought a bin full of scrappy strings, I ordered RWB fabric from Connecting Threads for this set.


I thought I’d sit by the pool a little this afternoon but it’s been raining since 12pm. No FL sunshine for me this afternoon – not a very good welcome home.


I made it

A good dinner at a favorite Cuban place with Keith last night and a reunion with Chesty were the perfect homecoming activities.

This morning Keith headed out for a couple days so we’re just relaxing and I’ll pull out my design wall, set it up, and sew a little but no real agenda for the first time in months!



Lucky number

Do you have a lucky number?

Mine is 11 … It has shown up throughout my life and I always think it’s good luck when it does. I’m at the airport and having some lunch and my lucky number showed up today.


Today is a lucky day because I’m heading to FL …. Heading home to Keith and Chesty although it feels funny to call FL home again.

It’s also a lucky day because I will be getting a contract from the realtor to sign – we had an offer on the MN townhouse yesterday and after some back and forth we’ve agreed on a price. If all goes well we should close on August 8.



We’re having a special HeartStrings project in July making Red/White/Blue blocks and I told you earlier this week I was raiding mom’s stash to make some blocks because I couldn’t wait until I got home next week.

I finished a full set of blocks today from the strips I’d cut from her fabric and will assemble them next week during our sew-along. I’ll also piece another set of blocks from some fabric I ordered from Connecting Threads. I said I wasn’t going to establish another stash in FL and I meant it but I really wanted to make RWB blocks during our project and while I took a bin full of strings and scraps, I knew I wouldn’t have enough for a HeartStrings quilt if I pulled out just the RWB I had in there.




It was the week of April 21 when we realized that we needed to move to FL for family reasons … Keith began talking to his boss and I began sorting and creating projects in the sewing room while I waited for the official ‘permission’ to come through. By May 5th the move was a definite go and I jumped fully into sorting, discarding, packing, and cleaning in preparation for two interstate moves (one MN to FL and one MN to GA).

If that wasn’t enough to manage, I was also traveling like crazy — MN to VA, MN to VA, MN to FL, MN to GA to Va — , trying to coordinate the finishing of repairs to our GA condo in time to move our stuff from MN, and getting our MN townhouse ready to put on the market.

Just 4 days until I get back to my LIFE … I’m enjoying my visit with Mom but I miss my husband, my dog, my sewing machine, and a life that is focused around something other than moving!!

Someone else is anxiously waiting for me to get home too!


I love trees

I take a lot of tree photos … Here’s one from today’s walk, it’s my favorite tree on this trail.


Yesterday we drove down to NC to see Mom’s sister, today she had furniture delivered and then I went for another 5 mile walk on the Nolan Trail. I started, but did not finish, my last 8 HeartStrings blocks – I’ll finish those tomorrow. I even fixed her one of my favorite dinners.


Yea me!

Finally after lots of move related excuses the last couple weeks, I got back out for a walk today. The Lion’s Bridge is one of those landmarks that says home to me. I spent a lot of time here growing up although the trail itself wasn’t created until after I left home.


What says home to you?

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