Keith’s always willing to walk a little extra to help me get my steps in so this evening around sunset we walked to a local park and found out we could actually walk back to the hotel along the beach. We didn’t realize there was an uninterrupted stretch of beach between the two.  

That’s our hotel in the background.  

We’re being really lazy about getting out and exploring now that the business part of the trip is over but I think we’re just both glad to have some down time here at the hotel. Keith’s doing lots of exercising and I’m doing lots of reading. 

Walking 4 Fun

If you’re like me and are tracking your daily steps, you might enjoy this website that Ruth recommended – you log your daily steps in and get to view a trail of your choosing. I’ll never actually hiked the Appalachian Trail but I’ve been fascinated with it for a long time and our hikes at Amacalola Falls are actually part of the AT approach trail and I have hiked those many times!

These are photos from the summer of 2013

The entire walk, the trail plus the approach is 2210 miles and I added in my steps for yesterday just to get it set up and see how the site works. Let the virtual hiking begin :)

Feeling relaxed

Last night was the last business event of the trip – a luau. It was a bit tourist-y but entertaining and the setting was gorgeous. 

Today was all about relaxing – sitting outside under the trees on the lawn, by the water with a break in the middle of the day for a massage.  

We had an issue with one of the bathroom sinks and had called and asked them to check it … I thought it was neat to come back to the room to find a note that they’d fixed it and a chocolate wrench sitting beside it.  What a cute idea. 


Pearl Harbor

We’d been before but it was still worth a second visit with the group. Today is all business but tomorrow we’ll have some beach time. 


We arrived

We just had time to check into the hotel, shower, and snap a couple photos before the business dinner. What a long day but I’m very happy to be here on Oahu. We received beautiful lei’s on arrival – Keith’s standing on the balcony of our room – we have a view of the ocean and I plan on spending plenty of time soaking it in. 

And judging by tonight, we’ll have gorgeous sunset views – that’s Diamond Head that the sun is setting behind.  

I received a 2nd beautiful lei at dinner tonight. I love flowers.  


My traveling partner

Nursing his cold with a cup of tea.  

Bypassing the train and walking from A to E so I can get my steps in.  

Settling in for the 9.5 hour flight to Honolulu.  

Sipping my MaiTai and getting my iPad, kindle, and knitting all set up for the flight!


A lost day

I’m not sure what happened between biking yesterday and tonight but I did not get into the sewing room as planned but I did take a little time for knitting and will knit a while before heading to bed tonight once I post this. We’re up tomorrow at 4:30am and will be traveling all day – I don’t expect to sleep at all but at least I’m packed and ready to go. 

We did watch the Super Bowl last night and we’re glad Denver won. It was cool here so we even lit a small fire! I sat back in my chair with my big red shawl that stays downstairs for those times I’m watching some TV and want to knit. I don’t work on it often but it’s pretty mindless and I’m slowly making progress. 

Just travel and knitting posts for the next week or so but there will be lots of piecing and quilting coming up when we get back. 


For the first time in almost two years we got out on the bikes – wow, where does the time go? When we first moved back to FL we knew we wouldn’t have anywhere to keep or even ride the bikes so they went with the moving truck to GA and Chris kept them for us in his basement. When they came for Christmas, he brought them back to us and Keith took them into a local bike shop for a tune up. Somewhere along the line our helmets got misplaced so we bought new ones yesterday and today … We finally went out for a ride – 8.35 miles. 

First to lunch at a local pub.  Love this sign! My dad had very, very pale skin and so does my brother. We joked when I moved to MN that I was more pasty than Kevin and trust me, that was very pasty!

After, we rode downtown and along Tampa’s river walk, pulled out the quilt and sat a little while and then  rode back home.  As you can see from the map, it’s a gorgeous area to ride in but Tampa is not as bike friendly as Minnepolis. 



Time to move

The red line on the vivofit2 means it’s time to move! We took a long walk in the rain and now we’re having happy hour on the porch. I love that it’s cool enough to bring my quilt out and snuggle under it.


It’s dreary outside

Inside, it’s cheery and productive! I assembled both sets of HeartStrings rainbow blocks AND cleaned up the piles of strings all over the floor.  The larger top, shown first, will go to Big Canoe for quilting and I’ll quilt the smaller one here in FL. 



So nice to see my floor again! 

I came across some bins on clearance when we were in Office Depot yesterday … For now they’ll hold strings but I’m hoping to sew a lot of the remaining rainbow strings into blocks during this last official HeartStrings project. For now the plan is to work on a few other projects but I’ll come back to them in a month or so. It will be easy to pick a bin and sew.  

I’m not sure why I’ve been feeling so unproductive, I looked at all the tops on the shelf and counting the two I pin basted, and the one I’m slowly hand quilting, there are 12 of them – all but one have been finished since my last trip to Big Canoe so I must be getting something done. I think it’s because I have so many waiting to be pieced that it feels like I’m working so slowly.