Holiday weekend

We’re enjoying our holiday weekend and keeping up with our training. Today’s walk was 4.5 miles and it was hot – even at 5:30pm. 

Being mindful of the meaning of the holiday, we remember those who have served including my father and Keith’s father. My brother-in-law, Jamie, and my nephew, Ben, visited Arlington National Cemetery to honor Keith’s dad and sent us this photo. It was an unexpected and incredibly thoughtful thing to do. 

Cast off, cast on

The feather and fan blanket is finished. It just needs a light blocking and it will be donated. 

The Madison Scarf has been cast on. Both are free patterns on Ravelry. 


For some reason my blog has stopped sending comments to my email – weird! Until I figure out what’s going on, I’ll check the website for any questions and respond to those manually (create a new email and copy and paste). As always, I appreciate your stopping by and your feedback. 


I still had no idea what I wanted to quilt in the wider strips when I finished up the fern quilting this morning. I looked through my books but nothing seemed right and in the end I quilted some wavy vertical lines since I wanted to maintain the vertical feel that the giraffe print gave.

It’s trimmed and ready for binding maybe later today but I’m going to read and then knit a bit now.

Speaking of Bear Paws

Mom sent me this photo today. She still has borders to add but it’s looking gorgeous!!


I’m not one to spend a lot of time on practice quilt sandwiches, I tend to draw something until I feel I’ve got the path down,  quilt a few short lines on a scrap while I’m checking my tension, and then go for it. I designed my little strippie years ago when I first got my longarm for the same reason. It allowed me to practice my quilting and still have something to show for my time in terms of a donation quilt. The three strip widths allow me to practice different designs and by the time I’ve repeated them in the strips, I found I’d mastered the design or at least improved! 

For this one, I’m quilting loops in the small strip, a fern like vine in the middle strip, and I haven’t decided yet what I’ll quilt in the wide one. Using the Adobe Idea’s app, I did a little practicing. (The Ideas app is no longer available but you could do the same with Adobe Draw)

I’ve made a start but have some errands to run this afternoon so I probably won’t finish the quilting today. 

By the way, there’s always that little voice in my mind as I start quilting one of these tops here on the regular sewing machine that says it would look so much better if I quilted everything on the longarm – after a number of years, I consider myself fairly proficient on the longarm. I ignore that voice and just start quilting. I know I’m going through a learning process – quilting is different on a regular sewing machine – but circumstances dictated that I would live away from the longarm and just visit it 3-4 times a year.  The number of tops that I can quilt during those visits is limited so if I want to continue to finish and donate a number of quilts, I need to quilt the smaller ones here. As it is, I’ve already got 6 more tops here that have been pieced since my last trip in March that will go to Big Canoe for quilting


I only had a couple hours sleep last night and still felt a little under the weather this morning so I puttered around a bit. I didn’t feel like starting the quilting on one of the little ones that I have basted and thought I might do a little piecing but I couldn’t decide what to start. I usually have a list of quilts that I want to make but somehow I only had a few fragmented lists left and nothing was jumping out at me. I looked at a couple kits I have – they’re usually good for when I don’t want to think or work too hard but I wasn’t in the mood to make either quilt so I toyed with a couple designs using the fabric but again, didn’t feel like working that hard. In the end I read most of the day and spent some time looking at quilts online. My favorite place for inspiration is eBay. 

I love 9 patches and this one caught my eye. 

This is an Interesting star and I could see using it in a different setting. 

I might bring some of my dies back from GA – just a few that fit the Baby. This pinwheel variation is one I can see making, maybe from 3 inch HSTs.

And this bear paw – I’ve had one of those on my list for years and I love this one!

I’ve consolidated the lists of quilts to make into one and I’ll be adding to it. These quilts will all go into my inspiration album – another project that I’ve been working on to consolidate into one album from several. 


As I noted when I started this one, I didn’t use her instructions but it’s based on Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Bargello quilt.  I’d much rather work in blocks than panels and I used a couple Jelly Rolls from Connecting Threads to make my top. 

On the remodeling front, the grouting is being done today on the hall bathroom and I met with the contractors to discuss the kitchen remodel. I’ll definitely need a break after the bathrooms are done but I want to get an estimate and on their schedule for late fall if possible. 

Auditioning borders

This top will get a single framing border and I like to throw my possible choices up on the design wall while I’m working on the blocks so that by the time I’m ready to put it in, I’ve made my decision. Of course with my fabric stash in GA, I’ve got fewer choices but I found two possibilities and my initial choice is not the one I decided to use. 

I just need to sew the border on and this top will be ready to go to Big Canoe for quilting on the longarm. 


I’m feeling under the weather today and didn’t accomplish a lot but I did knit a while and bound this HeartStrings quilt of mine. Technically, I should block this to smooth out that little waviness at the top but since it’s a donation quilt and not a wall quilt, I’ll toss it into the washer and dryer and let it crinkle up.