I hate to clean!

Keith and I did some cleaning this week but the last thing I’m having done before I head back to South Florida is a professional cleaning. So while I sit up in my reading nook in the otherwise empty bedroom, there are two maids downstairs scrubbing this place to death.  


While the new recliner isn’t the most stylish chair you’ll ever see it’s pretty darn comfortable and there’s plenty of room for Chesty which of course was the number 1 priority in picking out a chair. 



I’m working hard – really!

Ive worked a lot harder today than these photos show!

Carpets are cleaned (thank you Stanley Streamer), sectional damaged but delivered (another thing to follow up on – they’ll replace the damaged section).

There was also a recliner delivered for my reading/knitting nook in our bedroom but it’s the wrong fabric (I’m keeping it anyway). Can you see the trend here?? Problems and setbacks at every turn. Nothing is going just as planned and I’m beginning to feel cursed!

The biggest issues surround our insurance for the property. We love that it’s close to the bay (in FL) but apparently the insurance companies don’t. Company #1 decline to insure it (my insurance company of 26 years). The 2nd one initially agreed to insure it but backed out when I reported the claim we had at Big Canoe (it wasn’t quite that simple but that’s the short version) we’re now hopefully insured with company #3 who seems to have accepted a larger number of dollars in exchange for coverage. Of course since company #2 backed out 2 days AFTER we closed, my mortgage company will be getting a letter saying I’ve been cancelled but hopefully I’ve managed to get reinsured and all the paperwork processed and to them before they get the cancelation notice (of course I’ve told them the policy was cancelled effective mid June – not trying to hide anything here). No gap in coverage and actually an overlap until I get the final paperwork for the new policy. 

At any rate, I deserve this beer! Sadly I didn’t sit out there long – the mosquitos came calling around 6 PM. Need to put OFF on the shopping list. 



Camping out

We checked out of the hotel this morning and Keith went back to South FL. I’ve still got stuff to do here so I’m camping out at the townhouse. As I get settled in, I’m not sure it was a good idea. Hopefully, the noises from a new place don’t keep me awake …. hopefully, I can sleep on this cot… and tomorrow, I hope I can sort out a number of problems that have cropped up. 




it wasn’t without complications but we did finally close on the Tampa townhouse yesterday.  


Today’s a work day although my job is directing directing workmen (including Keith) and making phone calls.  


Can’t wait to bring Chesty to the park across the street!  


No more apologies

I’m going to stop apologizing for not having enough quilty content over the next few weeks. There’s just nothing I can do about it. 

Today we drove to Tampa for our closing on the townhouse tomorrow – I will be SO happy to get that off my plate. We did a little furniture shopping — Keith looks pretty comfortable on this sectional and it reclines. 

Loved these chairs for the porch but now that I’m committed with custom cushions I’m worried about them being too big for the space. 

We drove by the townhouse on the way back to the hotel … Walked to the bay just before the storm chased us back to the car. 

After the rain stopped, we walked from our hotel over for dinner … 

LOVE being surrounded by water here in Tampa Bay!

I’ve missed seeing water everywhere … This is where I grew up in VA – see the similarities? I really am a water baby – happiest when there’s water nearby. 


Two more blessings!

Rae and Bree were Mom’s youngest great-grandchildren until this morning. My nephew’s wife had twins today and all are doing well. Mom makes all the new babies in the family receiving blankets backed with Minkee and the twins are wrapped in theirs already. 



In challenging times, one of the ways I cope is to count my blessings. When I find myself just focusing on the negatives or being overwhelmed, thinking about how lucky I am brings a sense of perspective. 

Chesty and I were at the vet today. I think I’ve mentioned that we’ve reached the point in his life that we’re committed to supportive and comfort care, not aggressive care or surgery. It’s a fine line between having enough information to effectively manage symptoms and going further and further down the diagnostic path with an outcome of surgery and possibly chemotherapy. So after a long conversation, lab work, and an X-ray, we have a plan of care that will involve changes to his diet and medication but no further diagnostic procedures at this time.

It’s almost funny when the receptionist apologizes when she tells you what the bill is … and that’s where I’m lucky, we can afford to pay for the care and medications to keep Chesty comfortable, I know not everyone can. 

Keith is out of town, so Chesty and I sent him a selfie from the vet’s office while we were waiting.  If you only knew how many hours over the years I’ve sat in emergency rooms and doctors offices with sick kids or the dog when he was out of town …


I admire the effort

I read a knitting blog by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee the YarnHarlot. As a knitter, I like seeing what she’s up to but even more, I enjoy her writing. She rides in a bike rally to support an organization in Canada called People with AIDs and last year I read about her training and her experiences … This year, I donated. I feel a kind of kingship with her having pushed myself physically to support charitable causes in the past (the 3 Day walk for Breast Cancer, and a Global Village week long build with Habitat).

Check out her blog, donate if you’re so inclined. 



I spent some time between phone calls going through old photos again today. 

I pulled some of Keith’s Mom to share with the boys…

… and also came across these taken in VA at my Mom’s. I guess my mind is still on mothers and Mother’s Day. 

Our time is coming to an end here and tonight we had dinner on the intercostal. I doubt I’ll come back this way again after we move with both of Keith’s parents gone but we have a lot of memories to carry with us. 

I quilted a while after dinner with Chesty curled up beside me. He was sick all last night so I’m hoping tonight will be better for all of us. 

Stopping often to admire my progress is a big part of my process! I’d intended to cross hatch this quilt but now I’m wondering if working my way back across these lines will look too busy. I’ve still got more to quilt before deciding so I’ll just keep on quilting for now. 


Four Patch Stars

I haven’t had a chance to sew this week but Elaine sent me this photo of her Four Patch Stars in progress. Somehow I still feel productive seeing one of my instruction sheets being used to make a quilt. 

She reports that this one will be donated to the USO lounge at the airport. I do a fair amount of my designing in Red/White/Blue and am always happy when a quilt made from my instructions is donated to a soldier or veteran. I even have a page on my MaryQuilts.com site that groups these together so they’re easy to find. 

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