Just in case there’s someone out there reading the blog that doesn’t know about my website, this is a good opportunity to mention it. Most of my quilting is traditional and I rarely use a pattern preferring instead to draft my own quilts – sometimes  just playing around with a traditional block with different settings and sometimes recreating an antique quilt I’ve seen on eBay or somewhere else online. Many times, I make brief instructions available on my website for anyone wishing to make their own version. 

Carla wrote me with some questions about one my quilts and after I answered them, she requested permission to teach a class for her local guild using the instructions. I gave permission and she just sent me a photo of her finished quilt. This is her version of my Blue/Green Stars. Which by the way … I haven’t even made myself yet. I’d played around with the design a few years ago and Mom loved it and wanted to make it for my brother so I wrote up the instructions for her.   That happens sometimes – I’ll draft a particular idea and then never get around to making it myself. Hopefully, I will make one of these one day. You can see Mom’s version by clicking the link. I love the blues and browns Carla used for her quilt. 

I also received a request from a magazine for permission to print a photo of my Autumn Leaves quilt. I don’t actively pursue publication of my quilts but it’s always a thrill when someone sees one online and requests permission to publish it. I just happened to be sitting in my chair with this one spread across my lap so I snapped a quick photo of it. When I first started quilting I was living in FL and missed seeing the trees change colors in the Fall so for years, I made an Autumn inspired quilt each year. It’s a Rail Fence – one of my favorite quilt patterns to piece although I like to try different variations like the Cheveron rail fence I’m assembling now. 

We’ve barely unpacked around here and I didn’t have any photos up yet when we took Chesty last week to be put to sleep. I miss seeing him around the house and went out and bought some frames before our trip to DC  – today I printed a few and added them to this frame hanging above my sewing machine. I love that it’s so easy to add or change pictures. I still need to add a couple – including one of Bree.  (I bought the frame at Pier 1.)

EDIT: I’ve added the last two photos to the frame and updated it below. 




I love this yarn and because it’s hard to get, I buy some whenever I happen to see that it’s in at the Loopy Ewe’s online shop but since the bin is full I’m going to stop buying until some of it is knitted up – and that should be a while becasue I’m not a particularly fast knitter.  


When I first started buying it I found myself saving it for the perfect project but I’m trying to just jump in and use it. My Be Simple shawl that I’m knitting now is just the second project I’ve made using it but I’ve got several others queued up. I also pulled out a couple finished projects that need blocking and hope to get at least one of them done this week. 


A rainy day

We arrived home last night and it’s been raining all morning. It’s a good day to stay inside to knit and sew which is pretty much my entire agenda for the day. I’m working on my So Simple scarf and I’ll start assembling my Chevron Rail Fence blocks that I finished making before we left last week.  



Loves her Granny

Rae’s been so excited about seeing her Granny. We had a wonderful day at my sister’s house. I’m so grateful.  




My sister Ann and her her husband Jamie joined us at Arlington for Keith’s Mom’s funeral today and she’s driving down to Newport News tomorrow to pick up Mom so she can visit with us on Saturday. My sister Maureen will also drive here to see us.  They both visited me with Mom at Big Canoe a couple years ago.


They also visited me in GA last October so Mom could meet Adam’s new baby, her newest great grandchild at the time ( My nephew’s twins are the newest now). We’re the youngest of the 6 children in the family and along with my brother Kevin, I feel a special bond with them.  




We attended Keith’s Mom’s funeral today. We were early and walked around Arlington National Cemetery a bit while we waited. It meant so much to have the boys with us.  

 Both his parents were cremated and are interred in the columbarium and the brief service was held there today.   



We arrived in Arlington today and will attend Keith’s Mom’s funeral tomorrow. Becky and Rae won’t attend the funeral but Chris took them out to Arlington National Cemetery today to see his grandfather’s grave site (or niche) where his grandmother will be laid to rest tomorrow. I know how much it means to Keith to be surrounded by family as he buries his mother. 


Rae also played and read and cuddled with her Gram and Pop.  


We spent some time talking about our memories and since we’re sharing photos of Rae, this is one of my favorite photos of Keith’s Mom from this last year – Chris, Becky, and Rae were visiting us in FL. I love how Shirl and Rae are looking at each other. 


And since we’re saying goodbye to both Chesty and Keith’s Mom this week – here’s another favorite photo of mine from this past year.  


We’re also lucky that we’ll get to see my Mom while we’re here thanks to my sister driving down and bringing Mom to her house and then hosting us all on Saturday. I know Mom’s happy to be able to see Keith, Rae, Chris and Becky (me she sees all the time) and Rae’s thrilled that she gets to see HER granny! Unfortunately for my family, Adam has to go home right after the funeral. 


It was lonely

I tried to sew a little yesterday but found myself too distracted and upset after our visit to the vet so I spent the afternoon looking though photos of Chesty. Today, I went back in the sewing room to finish up the blocks for the Chevron Rail Fence quilt – I wanted all of them done before we head to DC for the funeral. Chesty always keeps me company in the sewing room so it was strange and lonely not to have him there.  


I’ll get the above blocks sewn together when I get home and I laid out a few of the leftover pieces. The plan is to use them to make a version of an antique quilt I saw on eBay. 

Thank you all for the comments and support. I know Chesty was a favorite here on the blog and Keith used to joke and say I always got more comments when there was a photo of Chesty. 


It was time

 After a difficult weekend, we took Chesty to the vet this morning to be put to sleep. My heart is broken but I know it was time to let him go.



Heading home 

This week flew by but I’m looking forward to heading home tomorrow. Chesty has had a bad day and I hate being away from him when he’s not feeling well. 

Today Mom and I fixed dinner for my brother and his family … We got to spend time with my nephew’s twins. 


I  just have the one photo of Mom with Truitt but here’s one of both of them from their family vacation this week.  Eliza was too busy being walked to have her photo taken with her great grandmother. 

We’re planning our activities for our next visit – I think I’ve talked her into crocheting a bunny — we’re going to use this Leisure Arts pattern and we’ll do them without buttons since we’ll be giving them to little ones. Have any of you knit or crocheted toys? Any favorite patterns?


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