Chinese Coins

I debated what I’d work on today and the Chinese Coins won out over loading another quilt on the longarm.

I put the sections I have up on the design wall and can see a few I need to move around. I had thought I’d use the blue fabric for the border and sashing but I like the green better.

Can I get this top done today? I still need to make about 2 rows of coins and I also want to walk downtown this morning or afternoon to grab a bite to eat and visit the bookstore.

6 thoughts on “Chinese Coins

  1. joyce

    I agree that the green is better. It’s so much fun to play with bits on the design board.

  2. Beth

    I agree…green it is. I think it makes the blue in the coins pop out more…guess what? The newest QuiltMaker has a Chinese coin pattern in it. We did’nt know we were so hip! They call theirs Good Cents.

  3. Dianne

    Cool Chinese Coins, Mary. And I really like the green for borders.

    I finally got started on the quilting for the antique remake yesterday…quilting again, at last!

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