1. There’s nothing like a homemade quilt when you have to stay at Ronald MacDonalds – this is just perfect! I love the pattern, colours, border and quilting.

  2. Too bad about the computer, Mary. We get those power surges/outages all the time—in fact, I still need to reset the bedroom clock before I go to bed from the last one.I bet she didn’t see the orange square that was turned till she looked at the picture. But, who cares!? Bright, colorful and will be dearly loved by someone soon.Cute pupper too!

  3. Ronald McDonald is such a great cause! This quilt will really brighten someone’s stay – and I do like the swirly border better than the crayons – but the crayons looked really good on the flying geese! Amazing how fabric choices will really change the look of an entire top.Chesty is looking better – I see his fur has grown back where the stitches were.And, sorry about your computer files – I spent a few days this past winter backing up all my photos – I would be so sad if I lost them!Cheers!Evelyn

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