More progress

Mom finished another top today

I pieced a quick strippie quilt to donate yesterday so now I’ve finished a couple tops since I’ve been here at Mom’s.

While I was out hiking 10 miles today, Mom finished piecing this top. Cute isn’t it? It’s from the book Growing up with Quilts.

Tonight I’m helping her go through her magazines and ripping out the patterns she wants to keep. I found that having mine in a binder makes them more usable and I don’t have keep the rest of the magazines.


  1. What a great quilt for a young boy! How do you manage to cut into any of your magazines? I have so many I could paper 5 rooms with just the covers. lolIt’s so nice that you and your mom share an interest like quilting. You’re making wonderful memories.

  2. What an adorable quilt! It sounds like you and mom are having a great (and productive) time sewing. Your own personal retreat time.

  3. OK – I am NOT showing Little Boy this quilt – it is so cute he is sure to want one of his very own!Way to go with walking – it is so hot here that I can’t imagine anything like that. Ugh. Cheers!Evelyn

  4. Very cute quilt – and very good going on magazine flinging. I have done it too, and have all the patterns I have kept in a binder.

  5. Your mom must love having you come and help finish projects. You are getting so much done! I suppose that you coming from Georgia think that the weather here in VA is a walk in the park!

  6. That’s a stunner for a little boy’s room (or a “modern” little girl LOL). VERY cute and would look right at home on my 2.5 year old’s bed!

  7. This quilt is so cute! You’re about to talk me into going through all my magazines and pull the pages I want to keep.Judy L.

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