1. Mary, your Mom will love it! you’ve real done a good job. I like the way you custom quilted it versus one all over pattern. How long have you been long arm quilting?Melanie

  2. Very beautiful – you 2 are a great team! Do you worry about sending 2 quilts in the same box in case it gets lost? When I packed my suitcases to come back to North America I put a few tops in each one… just in case.Cheers!Evelyn

  3. Those vine-y leaves looks wonderful in there and well worth the time you took on the re-do! Will you post a picture of your niece’s quilt before you load it or wait for the after shot?

  4. Your mom’s honeybee-quilt is the most beautiful quilt i have ever seen. Can you please ask her if she minds if it gets a sister here in Norway?Solvi

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