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I finished Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman a couple weeks ago. He’s another one of my favorite authors and while I like his books that feature Alex Delaware better than the ones featuring Petra Connor I did enjoy this book.

I also just read Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs. It’s probably not the best one she’s written but I still enjoyed it. I’ve watched a couple episodes of the TV show Bones since I last read one of these and it’s funny, the actress from the show was how I pictured the main character while I was reading this book. Has anyone else who reads these books seen the TV show?

Someone commented a while back about not enjoying one of the books I’d blogged about. It was one in a series and probably not the best one at that. I really enjoy reading about the same characters so I frequently find myself reading what I consider series books. It’s rare that I think they are all great and it’s not unusual for a series to get stale – for example, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, and even Tom Clancy. When that happens I stop buying every book they write and pick and choose more carefully which ones I’ll read. Even with that I think I’m more tolerant of a mediocre book if it has characters that I like in it.


  1. I also enjoy books with returning characters. Even when the book is not the greatest in the series, you feel you are catching up with old friends.

  2. I love reading series books. I agree that Patricia Cornwell has gotten a little stale. James Patterson keeps my interest because he has a couple of different series going at the same time. Have you read his Women’s Murder Club? So far he has 5 in that series.Both books look very interesting. Can you tell me the titles that come before these?

  3. ditto on the tolerance… I know quite a few people who quit reading Sue Grafton’s series, but I love Kinsey & that “time period” before the net & cell phones….I own 3 of Kathy Reich’s books, but I haven’t read any of them, I also did not see any of the shows… (Don’t really know why… Well, I am now reading homework instead of for pleasure…)

  4. Thanks for your book reviews. I, too, quit reading Cornwell, after Isle of the Dogs. I can’t get back into them now. One I discovered recently, which is similar in some ways, is Linda Fairstein’s series. The first one is good, but a little harder to get into than the rest. She’s a prosecutor in NYC in the sex crimes division. And in real life, she is, too. And have you done J. A. Jance? She has two series, and I like them equally well. One is a Seattle cop and the other is the sheriff in Tombstone, AZ.Last recommendation of the day is Anne Perry. I have yet to tire of either of her series! One is a Bow St. Runner and the other is a private detective who lost his memory. Both are set in London in the late 1800s.

  5. I have a book of Kathy Reichs still in my bookshelf to read on vacation. It can be the same, but not totally sure as it is translated to dutch, when I translate the dutch titel to englisch it would be “hidden bones”so doubt if it will be the same, but I like all her books so far.About the persons in the book, I hadn’t seen Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon in the Davinci Code, but more someone like Harrison Ford.

  6. Aah, and have you read T.Jefferson Parker? He has (I think) three series, but I especially like the female detective named Mercy (Can’t remember her last name) Regardless of my incomplete recommendation, you really should give him a try.God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

  7. I just finished reading an old book. “Adrift” by Steven Callahan about him being adrift at sea for 76 days. It was just fascinating. If you haven’t read it before I would recommend it highly.

  8. I enjoy the show Bones…and discovered Kathy Reichs a while ago- have not read the one you show on this post however.

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