Donation Quilts

August is the month we turn in quilts for our guild’s community service project and donation quilts will be collected at this month’s meeting and given to the local Ronald McDonald House. I turned mine in early since I’ll miss the meeting next week.


  1. Wow, Mary, that’s quite a stack, are they all donations? Are you in the East Cobb guild? (I may have already asked that, but don’ remember if you answered)

  2. It does sound like you are in the East Cobb guild; I do wish I lived closer traffic-pattern-wise so that I could attend the meetings. it isn’t that far as the crow flies. That is a wonderful, wonderful donation group, Mary.

  3. Wahoo, Mary! Nice looking stack there and I know we have seen them unfolded.I have to laugh though as DJ just got shanghai’d into helping me bring in the groceries and then hauling the quilts I had pigeonholed in my closet etc. He could not believe there were that many here. Neither can I for that matter. Then he asked where they all came from, LOL. DUH, we have been working on them all year and I’m been hauling them in twice a month. We are spreading them out on the church pews Saturday so guess what, some of them are coming back with me, LOL.

  4. Ronald McDonald House is such a great cause and those quilts look fantastic. I had to use RMH when my baby was born and there were handmade quilts on the beds in our room which really made us feel “warm and fuzzy” at a difficult time.

  5. awesome heap of quilts there Mary-excellent job getting so many quilted and bound..that represents a lot of hard work and dedication-hurray for you!

  6. I like looking at stacks of quilts. Makes you try to figure out what they look like open, and can imagine all the fun the quilter had in making them. Did you make all those? That is very generous. That is more than I can make in a year total, and have too many people clamoring for them to donate.

  7. Mary – I hope you are keeping a quilt journal of all the quilts you have made and are donating – at least print out your blog for a record! It is amazing that you are able to get so much done and each quilt is different and beautiful. Good job!Cheers!Evelyn

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