My dress for the wedding

Ok, I tried the dress on again this morning and I am going to keep it. These aren’t the best pictures but you’ll get the idea.

It’s brown which I think is a perfectly appropriate color for a FALL wedding – what do you think? Here’s a close-up of the top without the jacket.

18 thoughts on “My dress for the wedding

  1. Beautiful!!! I think the grooms mother needs to shine!! Well, ok, that is coming from a mom of 2 boys! When our oldest son was married I shopped for 3 months before finding just the right dress…followed my DIL suggestions on style color etc. Found the perfect dress and felt wonderful in it.


  2. Beautiful dress! You’ll look perfect in it. I’m just catching up on blogreading and rathter than make comments on each post..decided to tell you here what a great job you are doing knitting. Me, if it’s straight, I can do it! So I admire those that can do something in a circle. And I love your Autumn quilt, can’t wait to see it finished.


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