Amish Quilts

Amy and I had chatted before about her Amish quilt and the antique quilt I bought in Lancaster last year. She posted a picture of hers today so I thought I would also post one of mine.

I was told that this quilt dates back to the 1850’s-1860’s. It’s beautifully hand quilted and although it has a few small stains, it’s in very good condition. I want to have it appraised out of curiosity (did I pay more than it was worth?) but also because it’s the only quilt I own that’s probably worth anything. Regardless of the value – I LOVE this quilt.

When we were in Lancaster, I looked at a ton of quilts and the ones I was drawn to were not the ones being sold as Amish quilts but the antique quilts in the back room at Witmer’s Quilt Shop. This was one of 3 quilts I had to make myself choose between. If you go to Lancaster make sure you check out the BACK room at Witmer Quilt Shop, 1070 W. Main St. in New Holland for the antique quilts.


  1. this one is beautiful too! I just looked at Amy’s quilt – how wonderful for both of you to have these in your homesthanks for sharingJuliann

  2. That’s a real beauty Mary – no wonder you had to have it. To own even one antique quilt would be absolutely wonderful! Do you use it on your bed or did you just put it there for the picture? Seems to me you’d want to have it out where you could see it and enjoy it all the time – but on the other hand you’d want to treat it so carefully so it will not age any faster than need be.

  3. Thanks for the tip – Michale & I are probably going to Lancaster for our anniversary… Always on the look out for a new haunt.Nice quilt!

  4. That’s a beautiful quilt. Love the colors. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you get an appraisal.Judy L.

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