We made it to Minneapolis

The drive wasn’t bad – just boring and there wasn’t much to see once we got past Tennessee.

Keith took me to look at the apartment we will be leasing first and then we came over to the temporary apartment and unloaded the car. For dinner we walked downtown and then back. It’s cold but it felt great especially after being in the car for 2 days.


  1. Don’t know what route you took of course, Mary but the Midwest is pretty flat and not much to look at. When asked why we moved South, I say “take a look around you!” When you are used to miles of corn and bean fields, you gotta love the hills, trees and water, LOL.Glad to hear that you made it up there safely.

  2. I love the flatness of the Midwest as much as I love the rolling hills and valleys of New England. Those flatlands are one of the reason the midwest is called the nation’s breadbasket.So where did you eat dinner?Boy, you’re making me homesick right now. Is it OK I live in MN vicariously through you?

  3. Mary,I’m glad you made it to God’s country safely!!! MN is a beautiful state…lots of neat water and great variety of trees. Mpls is also full of a TON of artsy stuff…it’s really a GREAT place to live!!!ENJOY!!!Laurie

  4. Glad you made it safely. You certainly have the right attitude about this move. Did you get much knitting done in the car, or did you even try?

  5. I am glad you made it to MN safely. Too bad Autumn was over in about two days, or you would have had much more to look at! I was wondering if you had finished your Cathedral Windows quilt, and now I know.

  6. Thanks for letting us know you got there!I have been thinking about you alot. Must be the AF brat in me that has moved so many times I don’t think I can count. My mom always looked for something unique about each place we moved so we would get excited about it. Glad you and Keith are together.

  7. thanks for checking in Mary-I hear you on the withdrawal feelings-I hit my sewing machine within hours of being back home myself. Have a wonderful time with Keith and being up north.

  8. Glad you’re there, with Keith, and starting to see the dimensions of the move. I imagine that was one LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG drive!Keep us posted on your progress, Mary…we’re with you all the way!

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