Linking to the HeartStrings Website

I’ve had a couple comments and emails asking about linking from individual blogs to the HeartStrings website. I have links in my sidebar and anyone else is welcome to link to the site too. The more people that hear about our project the more quilts we’ll make.

Jane even went to the trouble of creating a graphic if you’d like to use that.

The website can be found here:


  1. Mary, the site is very nice. Thanks for letting me use the graphics to post about the group effort. You should be very proud. Thanks to Sue Frank for all her help as well.

  2. Nice site Mary…all the links worked…I tried them all! I have hooked 2 new sewers on string blocks! One is making them for her son..but my beginner 11 yrs old sewer is going to add hers to mine for Heartstrings. Gee…does that make me a pusher???? ROTLF

  3. is the graphic to use on the sidebar with a link? I can do a link..I’m not sure I can figure out a graphic…any suggestions? I love that setting! now I will have to work on blue centered blocks…

  4. Great work – the webpage is easy to navagate around and not too much to distract the reader. 🙂

    I love that graphic of the quilt!!! I hope that someone puts together a top making a heart like that!!! Maybe the graphic could be used in the label of the quilt?? Just an idea. ~Bonnie

  5. I’m doing some blocks, but am sending them direct to Nancy. Can I still add your link to my sidebar? I have also mentioned it on my Yahoo crafters group.

  6. If anyone wants the code to add in your sidebar, just e-mail me. I shrunk it down just a tad to 125 pixels so it’d fit better.

    I’d think even if you aren’t a member of the group, any advertising and traffic on the website they’d get is beneficial.

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