Another quilt show purchase

I think I read somewhere that it takes 3 items to be a collector so I guess I’m officially an antique quilt collector. I picked this one up at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show. Grandmother’s Flower Garden is a favorite pattern of mine but not one I’d ever make myself. I do like to make hexagon flowers but can’t imagine having to stick with it long enough to complete an entire quilt.

My other two are one I purchased in Lancaster and the log cabin quilt I bought in Marietta at Little Quilts just before moving.

On a weather note, we have another large snow storm heading for us. I’ve canceled Chesty’s vet appointment tomorrow because with Keith out of town there’s no way I’m driving to take him and then pick him up (he’s having his teeth cleaned and a growth removed from his head and has to be put to sleep). They’re getting ready for more snow by stacking it up in the field across the street which now looks VERY ugly!


  1. mary, beautiful GFG; it is a lot of work but worth it, though I would not make one either; BTW, you can visit my blog if you wish, no photos yet thoughcityquilter.blogspot.comsnow is heading our way too; though it’s been near 40 here for two days…pure heaven

  2. Didn’t anyone warn you about March blizzards in Minnesota? When I was growing up we always heard stories about and experienced many March blizzards.I love the Grandmother’s Flower quilt. What a precious find for you.

  3. Mary–finally really getting caught up with you other than a quick glance. Sounds like you had a good visit with your mom and I love the butterfly quilt. That snow does not look near so pretty once it is just dumped and piled up but where else can they put it with more coming?Pretty quilt that came home with you but as you said, you are not likely to make an entire quilt like that so why not have one that you love even if you didnt make it?

  4. me again—are you still set on eastern time zone? I know it is only 7:32 when I posted. Not sure which tab does that–maybe on the profile page?

  5. Oh, that GFG is cute beyond words, Mary. I love it – great find!Yes, that snowpile looks very ugly but apparently you’ll have fresh snow to cover it. Fresh snow is just so pretty – white wonderland right through your window! Sigh!

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