UFO #10

I know I just posted a picture of this quilt but I stayed up late last night stitching the binding down and wanted to share the finished quilt. It’s my 10th UFO finish for the year and the quilt will be donated with my other HeartStrings quilts.

13 thoughts on “UFO #10

  1. I love the colors in this Mary! Do you ever wonder if your neighbors are watching…thinking..”there she goes, putting another quilt on the rail again….in the dead of winter….what’s that all about”??? *LOL* I wonder the same thing about my neighbors when I hang quilts on my fence!Bonnie


  2. I clicked to leave a comment and read what others wonder — just like me…Do you ever leave the beauties out on the terrace for any time? Your neighbors must love you. They get a daily quilt show. I love the colors in this one. Reminds me of mermaids.


  3. You mentioned this blog, and “not too many comments ” uh, oh, I am guilty! But I have a good reason .. I’m supposed to be working! I check out ALL the string quilts, ALL the bloggers I possibly can, and ‘try’ to leave comments, but uhhhh, sometimes I am in a hurry! LOVE ALL the sites, blogs, lists, etc. Hey, Mary, ‘m actually coming to St. Paul next month – but will be on a bus trip, no car.


  4. Wow, you’ve finished ten quilts already this year, and are working on your 11th. Congratulations! That is a super accomplishment. Or 10 super accomplishments. This one is so pretty – I really like all the colors and how they go together.


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