Another UFO

This is the quilt I’ve been practicing on. I bought this top off eBay a few years ago intending to quilt and donate it. I wanted to *learn* to use my Featherz wreath template that I bought with my Circle Lord and I hate practicing on muslin so I decided to use this UFO as my practice piece.
I’m getting ready to get the binding sew on and will stitch it down tonight watching TV with Keith and then it will go in the stack of quilts to be donated.
Next up for quilting will be a HeartStrings top made by May – I’ll quilt it and send it back to her to donate in memory of her sister.


  1. How did you find the feather wreath to work with? Is there a lot of backtracking? How long does it take you to finish one wreath? As you can tell, I am debating about buying this one. *LOL*

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