It’s been an overcast and breezy weekend here in Minneapolis but we’ve still been out and about. Yesterday we tried for one of our 10+ mile walks but the weather didn’t cooperate. Today we headed to the Mississippi for a walk along the river.

Here’s the view from the other side.

Other photos from our walk can be seen in my online album. Now, I’ll work some on my spiderweb quilt.


  1. Beautiful scenery. Hard to believe just a couple of months ago (or even last month!) there was so much cold and snow!

  2. What a great view and a fantastic place to take a walk! I’ve never been to Minneapolis, but I’m getting tempted!

  3. I showed hubby the townhomes trying to get him interested, but he figured out the ruse when I wouldn’t say where they were located!! No good for Minnesota!The pics are fabulous!

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