Progress on May’s Use the Stash Challenge

Mom and I have worked long and hard the last couple days and have made great progress on our May stash quilts. We both still have borders to add but these will be ready to go back with me for quilting when I go home on Saturday.

26 thoughts on “Progress on May’s Use the Stash Challenge

  1. What a great thing to be able to share with your Mom! Love both of the quilts, but really am enjoying the houses. Kind of whimsical and fun!


  2. Terrific job ladies!Ok – I’m caught up! My bloglines said I had 16 posts of yours to read, but I’m sure I’ve already read the oldest!! So glad to be caught up to your present!


  3. Working long and hard AND getting a lot done–way to go, Mary and Mom. I think I know where some of my recent green purchases might be headed looking at your green double 4 patch–lovely quilt.Looks like I am going to get to take a “Busman’s Holiday” when I go back to IL for a week or so–cutting, sewing, stitching and helping Mom pin.


  4. I love the houses on the one your mom’s holding.And I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but the header on your blog is adorable! What a photogenic pup you have!


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