Did I sound like I was complaining?

Maybe the last post sounded a little whiny but I don’t worry too much about the tops waiting for quilting. I don’t quilt as a *job* so I rarely have set deadlines and usually make good progress.

Today I quilted my Aunt’s top – you remember – the one one I lost my mind and spent hours pulling out the quilting stitches before going to visit my Mom. Anyway, she’s pretty *relaxed* about how she adds borders to quilts so they’re usually a challenge. After picking out all that stitching and reloading the quilt – I remembered why I had changed my mind about a pantograph in the beginning. There was way too much fullness in the entire quilt to manage from the back and the borders were going to be particularly difficult. In the end, I just quilted a loopy meander and the leaves I started with would probably have looked better.

My solution was to quilt pleats in the borders since there was no way to quilt them without getting lots of tucks. Because I’m such a nice niece I even slip stitched them down after finishing the quilting.

Before someone asks why I don’t tell her the *right* way to measure and add borders – she already knows how but just chooses not to.

6 thoughts on “Did I sound like I was complaining?

  1. You are much too nice…. maybe if she had to deal with it she’d do it right. But, like our children, if they know we will fix the problem, why should they bother.


  2. I admire your patience and your diplomatic sense! To make a pleat is a great solution too. Thanks for sharing so many nice pictures! Take care.


  3. You are a nice niece! And you do a beautiful job with your quilting. I just love the pastel string quilt qith the Baptist Fans, but then I love them all.


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