I’m back from the quilt show and wanted to post a quick note. I met my sister Debbie in Kansas on Tuesday and we spent the next 3 days catching up with each other, viewing quilts, and shopping the vendor mall at the show.

This was the first visit to the show for both of us and the first time Debbie had entered a quilt at MQS. She won a Honorable Mention ribbon for her wall quilt Some Like it Hot – Frog Legs Cajun Style. Unfortunately you can’t see Debbie’s amazing quilting in this photo but you can go to her webshots album and see some close-ups.

I also had a chance to meet Judy in person for the first time – we chatted a while and took her over to see Debbie’s quilt.


  1. It was so nice to meet you two! Debbie’s quilt is beautiful and there were so many hidden quilting designs in there. You sisters are so talented. Congratulations to Debbie.Now . . when is she starting her blog??

  2. Thanks Pam but the quilt is all Debbie’s – I had nothing to do with it. Debbie and I did have a great time – we feel fortunate to share an interest in quilting.

  3. How much fun to get together with your sister and attend a quilt show. Her quilt is beautiful. I’m sure in deserves an honorable mention.

  4. Debbie’s quilt is awesome! And I love the title!I’m totally jealous you got to meet Judy. That’s way up at the top of someday list!

  5. Mary, I’m glad you had a fun time at MQS. Congrats to your sister for receiving an honorable mention ribbon for her first quilt entry in the show.

  6. WOW Mary…Devbbie’s quilt is AMAZING…the quilting had to have taken FOREVER!!!!! Thanks for sharing that and I’m glad you had fun. You were in my “backyard” ya know. I live about 5 miles from the Overland Park Convention Center.Laurieps(i also share quilting with my sisters…that’s why moving was so hard cuz they are in MN)

  7. great quilt, great blog! and I love your new ‘do’VERY attractive~I’m loving my short hair too, I blogged about it a while back if you want to peek.

  8. Mary, your sister’s quilt is beautiful. I’ll go check out her webshots site also. Glad you got to meet Judy. Are you planning to attend another MQ show next week? (Minnesota Quilters)I am! Probably on Friday and maybe with my MIL.

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