This is so weird

I’ve had this purple fabric in my stash forever and I just noticed when I clicked on the photo to enlarge it that it’s a FISH fabric – I’ve always thought it was just abstract, random splotches of color. You have to take a look and find the fish!

Judy’s Use the Stash Challenge for July is to use 3 fabrics from your stash. I’m going to count this purple as one and find two other very old pieces to use also. The blue from this quilt is stash but it’s fairly recent – I’d say in the last 6 months so I won’t count it for the challenge.

9 thoughts on “This is so weird

  1. Love the bright colors in your new string quilt Mary. So sorry that your recent trip was such a nightmare. Here is 1 thought though for the future. Away from your seat, mention to the attendant that your seatmate was wearing a fragrance you are highly allergic to and you needed a different seat to avoid a severe allergic reaction. Just a thought.


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