I finally loaded that damn top!

My Aunt’s top is loaded and ready for quilting AND I finished the binding on the HeartStrings Chinese Coins quilt tonight also. Along with the Purple Project top assembled earlier that makes for a VERY productive day!

Chesty and I had a longer than usual walk in the park but that didn’t stop him from following me around all day. I constantly go back and forth between the bedroom that has the longarm and fabric and the smaller den that has my computer and sewing machine – poor Chesty gets up every time even when I tell him I’m coming right back. Here he’s waiting to see where I’m going to go next before sitting down.


  1. Was this the king size top of Nancy’s? Chloe and Harry do the same thing, they can be sound asleep under the longarm table but if i go to the iron in the other room they get up and follow me!

  2. That face is just so precious!! Disco was following me around all morning and I had to get after him or I would step on him because I was moving so fast trying to get ready for work. I think he was nervous because we had thunderstorms in the night.

  3. I’m looking back at your posts and do not find a photo of “That Damned Top” … do we get to see it soon?Soooo, have you determined what has been holding you back? I would NEVER associate ‘procrastination’ with you – you are PROLIFIC! I ask because sometimes I keep putting things off, and don’t know the reasons. Tis a mystery, this human nature …

  4. Same routine here. Speck follows wherever I go but I won’t let him walk up and down the stairs so I have to haul him up and down each trip I make. Longarm is in the basement, kitchen duty and all other chores happen upstairs.

  5. You must be feeling a slight bit quilty again. Glad to hear that..and like someone mentioned before me….can’t wait to see “That Damned Top”.I don’t have a doggie, but I do have my kitty, Truffles. She does the same way as Chesty. She follows me wherever I go in the house. Up the stairs, down stairs…she even follows me into the bathroom like my kids did when they were toddlers.

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