Am I the only one that saves leftover binding bits?

I keep a bin just for these leftovers and every now and then I go into it to make a scrappy binding. Obviously I add to the bin more than I subtract. One of the HeartStrings quilters is making quilts for the homeless and I have an opportunity to sew these bits together and send them on to her to use to bind her quilts. It feels SO good to use these up. I’ve sewn a bunch together tonight but I’ve got plenty more and will finish up tomorrow.

24 thoughts on “Am I the only one that saves leftover binding bits?

  1. Oh, no, I save my binding ends. I like the idea of having a seperate container for them. Can you say dollar store–I will have to go get me a container from the dollae store.


  2. Oh no – you aren’t the only one. I have a plastic drawer for binding ends. If they don’t get use for bindings then I’ll press them flat and use them for string!You know me – can’t throw away anything I can cut a 1 1/2″ square from!


  3. Ha! I actually use them–once in awhile! I have this idea in the back of my mind that sewing a bunch of them together would make a colorful binding for a child’s quilt, but so far they are accumlating much too fast. Altho, I suppose that means a lot of quiltmaking has been happening!Good way to relieve your storage problem with the homeless project!


  4. Yes, I’m another that keeps them, I’ll find some use for them! By the way,Sharon Schamber is doing workshops at the Georgia Quilt Council convention later this month.


  5. I not only save the leftover bindings, I also use them on scrappy quilts and have been using them on the Heartstrings quilts. I never measure around the quilt when I make bindings — just guess — so I sometimes have long leftover pieces. vbg


  6. I save them too – but i usually cot my bindings 1.5″ wide, and have used lots of them for two quilts I have made. Seems like I will have to make another one soon – my box is more than full again.


  7. Mary – I save all of the leftover bits of binding. Many of them have been used on the Priority Quilts I’ve made, others have become part of scrappy bindings for other quilts, and the rest just wait patiently for their time to shine.


  8. No! I have all the tails from every one I’ve made!! I keep them ready for the wonderful doll quilt bindings since they can be small and still work perfectly!


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