1. That looks awesome. I’m standing first in line for when you decide to take on paying work ;).Sheila in Ohio

  2. very nice work! that pantograph is quite versatile. i had to look closely at the two different quilts to figure out that it was the same pattern on each.

  3. Love your quilt….looks like blowing fall leaves…just gorgeous…..I am always checking your blog and sending links to my friends so they can see what you have been working on….you are a notorious woman by virtue of your quilts !!! Keep it up…you are good entertainment and also good inspiration…..

  4. It ia a great pantograph — it looks like it was designed specifically for this quilt — great job! What color thread did you use for this top? Do you use invisible (nylon) thread?

  5. I need to start of list of “pantographs I need to buy”. I see beautiful ones like this and then I forget all about them. The quilt turned out beautifully Mary – but then all the quilts that you quilt turn out beautifully.I am missing my machine so much. I sure hope it won’t be long before I can get back to quilting also.

  6. That is so beautiful! I love the colors in theat the the pattern just flows with the quilting design you’ve added. Sigh, I wish I could do work like yours!

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