I can’t count!

I miscounted the finished blocks last night and thought I needed another 20 for the Project Pink quilt. Mom was up this morning and made 12 more blocks and as I was trimming those and recounting my stack I realized we were done – 48 blocks ready to take to our HeartStrings October Sew-in.

As you can see, I have plenty of strings left so I hope to get some blocks made to send to Jennifer for the group quilts.

I head home tomorrow. It’s always nice to visit Mom but I miss Keith and Chesty and I’m ready to get back to work on the stack of tops I have waiting for quilting.


  1. This pink quilt is going t be great. I could never have made it – guess you only fint 10 pinks in my stash – and they ar much more sparkling.

  2. Oh… those are pretty. I might have to make some all pink and white ones too when I’m done assembling the top with the blue and pink string blocks. What a wonderful project!

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