HeartStrings Sew-in

We had a great time yesterday and got a lot done. I’ll be posting photos later today but for now here’s one of the Pink top I assembled. These are the blocks Mom and I pieced a couple weeks ago when I was in VA. It’s taken outside the small church in Kasson MN where we met.

Sheree did a wonderful job of making the arrangements and acting as hostess for the sew-in. I have really appreciated the efforts of Sue, Kathy & Rhonda, and Sheree to arrange these get-togethers for the MN/WI area quilters who are a part of HeartStrings.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post. I know everyone is probably tired of hearing about copyright but issues continue to flare up and I was curious how others feel. I just wish there were some guidelines available regarding copyright as it relates to quilting and the internet.


  1. What a pretty string quilt ….. you guys have such fun. Only wish I lived closer or owned a private aircraft.

  2. What a gorgeous pink quilt! I would love it.unfortunately I dont know that there is much that can be done about unscrupulous thieves on the net. It is a sad fact there will always be dishonesty.

  3. WOW Mary…you went to Kasson for the string quilt sit in! How cool…that’s a quaint old town! Not too far from my hometown of Rochester…a bit west! Sounds like you had a great time!Hugslaurieps…love the pink quilt

  4. I’m not a pink fan, but I like that one. You always show pretty quilts!About the copyright (I’m slow I know), I still belive that if I buy the pattern I have the right to show it online or in a quilt show.It’s a touchy subject and always will be.But—it’s no different than computer programs. How many of us have more than one computer but we’ll put that software program on each one of them. That’s not right either–but we still do it! There’s no right/wrong answer. There will always be a gray-area.

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