My favorite time of year

I LOVE Autumn and it’s hard to stay inside and work when it’s breezy and beautiful outside. The view from my window is tempting me to go out and play. I’m going to make myself load a quilt and then allow myself to go for a walk.

I decided to create an online album for my Postcard Journal Project and you can find the link on my sidebar. I added another photo from a card I re-created last night (the first one was made last week and is being mailed today).

I was clicking around the internet this morning and found Jeanne Williamson’s blog the author of The Uncommon Quilter – the book that inspired my journal project.


  1. The trees look lovely. It’s still so hot here you can hardly breathe! I don’t know what happened to our fall. I’d give just about aything for the temps to drop to even 85! I’m dying to be able to open up the house and shut off the AC…but so far, no end in site to the heat.

  2. Autumn is my favorite time of year too. I guess I look forward to crisp mornings and nights and warm stews and soups. And of course the colors!!

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