Managing UFO’s

While I don’t mind having finished tops waiting for quilting, I try very hard now not to let myself put aside a quilt during the piecing project because it can be so hard to go back and finish it. I set aside my July QFAH project (from JudyL’s site) to work on some other things and now I’m having to make myself get this pieced.

I was not nearly as far along as I thought so rather than forcing myself to finish it all at once, my goal is to work on it in blocks of 1 hour as Judy intended – I even pulled the timer out. Until it’s finished I won’t allow myself to start another top.


  1. I always love Judy’s quilts and look forward to getting the chance to make one or two of them.The colours you’ve chosen are just my cup of tea. And you’re so organised – I applaud your decision not to start another quilt until it’s finished – that’s not easy to do!*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  2. Mary,GO GO GO!!! YOU CAN DO IT! I worked on a fireman quilt top yesterday and hope to post pics later of it later today. It has been on my design wall FOREVER and I want my design wall back! When I made Dan’s firefighting quilt I had to lay it out on the floor because of this other quilt hogging the design wall!When I think of UFO’s it makes me shudder. I could finish UFO’s for years to come!!!!! That’s no fun though! I like new stuff!Your slide show of Mpls is awesome too! Looks like fall is coming to end there! Thanks for sharing a part good ole MN with me! ;O)HugsLaurie

  3. whew, caught up with all your posts-I think the leaf quilting you did on your mom’s top was great, loved the quilt postcard/small quiltlet and so glad you can look forward to staying put where you are plus big congrats to Keith on the promotion. I think your approach to the current ufo you are working on is a good one-no sense in forcing yourself to do what should be a labor of love/fun! today I am working on the less fun stuff of quilting-binding making and back making 🙂 all part of the love of getting a quilt to the snuggly enjoying stage!

  4. I applaud your discipline. I started the July QFAH too and got it as far as the borders. In fact….as I look at most of the UFO sitting out, only one has partial borders. Guess that’s where I get stuck. I like your timer idea, to go back to Judy’s original intention. Think I’ll give that a try too. Congrats to Keith for the promotion. I’m glad you both can rest a little easier and stay in the town you’ve grown fond of.

  5. This one is still on my ‘to do’ list. Haven’t even selected the fabrics for it. Your colors look lovely. I’ll be watching for the finish.

  6. Mary I can’t thank you enough for posting this quilt. I have added a link to your site from my blog. I love this so much. These are just my colors and I was able to access Judy’s site and print the pattern so I can make one too. Thanks so much for sharing you talent. JoyB

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