Quilting as a distraction

I had to drop Chesty off this morning before 7am and wasn’t allowed to pick him up until 3pm so I spent the time in between quilting 3 wall hangings for my aunt and trying not to worry about him.

Chesty’s test showed that he does have a collapsing trachea. Structurally, it’s a Grade 1 which means the obstruction is mild when he’s at rest and not having an episode. They’re going to treat him medically and they put him on two new medications so we’ll see how it goes. He’s completely wiped out from the anesthesia and has been sitting next to me or on me since we got home.

I’m not sure how someone who doesn’t quilt for a living can end up with a Christmas rush however, I’m slowly but surely working my way through it. Of course, both my Mom and Aunt have one last quilt each they want done by the beginning of December.

I haven’t published a list recently but you can bet I’m working my way down my current to do list and checking off each item as I finish it. The two quilts I shipped to Mom on Monday and these wall hangings were high on the list and I’m relieved to have them done.


  1. So glad that Chesty’s condition is something that can be treated. And no surgery is good isn’t it? I’ll bet the little fella stays by your side fir the rest of the week. Much love to him.

  2. I hope you and Chesty are doing better today. What a great idea to take videos of him for the vet. Don’t let the Christmas crunch get to you. One year during Thanksgiving dinner my Mom told me she needed a new quilt for Christmas. (like you can just whip one up in a couple of weeks!) Fortunately I had a few “almost finished” projects that Bonnie helped me with and though I was putting binding on in the airplane…she got a quilt for Christmas!

  3. I am so glad that they can treat Chesty and he doesn’t have to have surgery. Is it something that will improve with time? I sure hope so.

  4. Glad to hear that Chesty’s condition can be treated with medication. I’m sure after he’s had lots of cuddles he’ll be himself again in no time.

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