Old photos

I was looking for a photo of an old quilt tonight and came across this one of Deb. This was taken 4 years ago – she came to visit me in GA and tried quilting with my longarm. It wasn’t long before she decided she needed one and well, you’ve all seen her quilting now haven’t you?

I’m feeling so productive – I got the bindings made and sewn on 2 of 3 the small HeartStrings I’ve been working and and even got one hand-stitched down and the label on tonight!


  1. OMG I can’t believe you published that picture! Seems like a lifetime ago! That was such a nice ace…don’t you miss it?

  2. I love that quilt behind Deb. Just my colors. Did you make it and can you tell me where to get the pattern? (Although it looks fairly easy) Do you remember the block sizes? Thank you in advance!

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