I did it

The body of this stuffed dragonfly was too thick for the longarm so I stitched the wings down on the longarm – close to the body – I went back and forth several times.

Then, after taking it off the longarm I decided that I wanted the legs stitched down so I appliqued them by hand. The wings, head, and tail are left free.

And because Dawn cautions about not leaving anything unstitched that little fingers might get caught under – I stitched the body at the head and tail where the wings ended by hand, from the back of the quilt with a strong, waxed hand quilting thread. This dragonfly is going NO WHERE! Isn’t it cute? You can click any of the photos to see a larger view – the photo below shows the back after I’m done.

For those of you with Dawn’s Pajama Quilter DVD, she demonstrates this in the Bonus Extras section and it’s lots of fun!


  1. I watched Dawn’s DVD when we went to Cincinnati last weekend. Now I’m on the search for “animals”. Yours turned out really sweet. So many ideas, so little time.

  2. Mary, does Dawn have a DVD other than Pajama Quilter Reloaded with over motifs on it? I’m going to try the freeform flowers later today (hopefully).~Joan

  3. That is an absolutely great idea! What a thrill for some little person to always have his or her friend with the quilt! And the lizard is going to be fantastic too!

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