Quilter, problem solver!

Remember the donated coins quilt I finished recently? I washed it the day before yesterday to get it ready for donating and several fabrics ran. (I don’t prewash my fabrics either so it could have easily been one of my quilts) I washed in cold water, with a dye catcher – twice, ran out to the quilt store and bought Synthropol which still didn’t help although there was no more running. I spent yesterday wondering what I was going to do – I couldn’t donate the quilt with these big splotches but today the answer came to me….I fused circles across the quilt to cover the larger obvious spots.

Keith came in when I was taking the photo and said it looked whimsical! Now I just have to finish stitching the circles down – I’m appliqueing them by hand with perle cotton.

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  1. This is a great solution to a pesky problem!! I used a similar fix earlier this summer when my )(*%*@)%^@ 4 year old got a hold of the scissors and cut a whole right thru the middle of a quilt that I was binding. The label went in that spot on the back, and a little broderie perse teddy bear went on the front.

  2. Very innovative and looks fantastic. I’m shaking my finger at you for not washing those fabrics!! I had fabrics run a couple of times after they had been washed once so it scares me to think about fabrics not being washed.

  3. Genius idea to fix the problem! I would do this on a quilt even if it didn’t have a problem to fix. Thanks for sharing! The quilt looks great.

  4. A creative solution to an unfortunate problem. It is a great design element. This could be a whole new pattern idea. Run with it Mary.

  5. whee, I love your solution. think it makes the quilt that much more fun. next time try washing the quilt in HOT water with dye catchers – that worked for me. I just did it in the sink though, not a whole cycle in the washer.

  6. What a great idea for fixing a run-over problem…maybe I could applique something over the spots on one of my quilts where the colors ran! I agree with Keith, the quilt is whimsical.

  7. Mary,Don’t you love it when you get great inspiration like that and it turns out making the quilt even better!! I think your DH is absolutely right it makes it whimsical and FUN! You might even do it to other quilts just because it’s cute.Thanks for sharing your quilting world w/us!

  8. A new design!! Don’t think that’s how some designs HAPPEN. I had the run problem on a quilt that I didn’t prewash the fabric. I used the Synthropol and it took out part of the runs but not all. I was mortified. It was a customer’s quilt(a friend that I hand quilted a quilt for and added a border to make it bigger and it was the fabric I added that ran). He was very understanding.

  9. AWESOME solution to what seemed like a disaster. Keith’s right – WHIMSICAL is the perfect word. I love how the random circles break up the strict layout of the coins quilt !!! Congratulations!

  10. Perfect solution – in fact I like it even better this way! They look like colorful bubbles or balloons floating over the coins. You certainly made very sweet lemonade out of this lemon!

  11. Would have been nice if the blue stains looked as if they were a part of the fabric to begin with, but this is a fun addition to the quilt. I typically wash my fabric, I have been lucky so far to have things wash up nicely, but I do have a quilt top in the works that will be a surprise when washed. You know I will be watching through the washer window to see what’s going on in there!!!Oh! One more thing. I have a very large front loading machine. Gives the quilt plenty of room to move so I don’t have areas that become squished together. I always use the Shout Color Catchers even when pre-washed. I also us those for my clothing that has a white collar or trim on dark fabrics. Works for me so far.It’s tough to wash fabrics once they are cut into strips. I hope quilters are considering washing before cutting and storing for those future scrap quilts.

  12. That happened to me on a string quilt. I did some leaf printing over the spots and you can’t even tell the fabric ran. And if it does it again, why I’ll just add more leaf printing.

  13. You know this could escalate into the wash/don’t wash debate. There are very sound reasons for both. And even some fabrics I have pre washed have later run. Synthropol usually takes care of the problem. But, I have to say that your circles/bubbles/polka dots are terrific. And even without the color run problem; are a great addition to this quilt. Your creative muse is coming alive girl…run with it! You rock! The crazy quilts, postcards, beading etc…. You are unearthing your artist self, my dear! Bravo!

  14. I love it. I have been going through some of your older posts and looking at some of your quilts. You do beautiful work. I was thinking that I would like to live next door to you, but I have seen pictures of how cold it gets where you are. Thank goodness for blogging.

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