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LOVE, love, love the new Kindle. Easy to read, great size for carrying around. The one thing I would have done differently is put the on/off button on the front or one of the sides – it’s on the back and I have to take it out of the cover to turn the device on and off. Not a big deal but it seems inconvenient. I’ll write more as I play some.

I got my new ON Track magazine – its the Winter 2008 issue (IMQA’s magazine) and Deb’s quilt is featured in their new section Creative Lines. They show close ups of the quilting in her Frog quilt that won an Honorable Mention at MQS last year and talk with her about how she designed and quilted it. You’ve seen a photo on her blog but you can’t appreciate this quilt unless you see the close up shots of the quilting. By the way, this quilt was just accepted for the Mid Atlantic show too.

I finished appliqueing the circles on the Coins quilt and stitched the binding on the panel quilt I used to practice my Dwirling – both will be donated to Project Linus and I have just one more of the 7 to finish the binding on and then I’ll have to find out where I can drop them off.

We have a Feb 15 closing date on the Marietta house. We’re selling it to Chris and Becky – they’ve been renting it for the last year and we decided to help them with the down-payment with a gift of equity. If we could just sell the Big Canoe condo I’d be VERY happy!

I’m heading to bed early to read – I couldn’t remember if I’d read one of Laura Lippman’s books – she has a ton of them and I’ve read some but not all. The Kindle allowed me to download the first chapter (free) and when I realized I hadn’t read it … I was able to purchase it with one click and continue reading….within a minute or two.


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  1. Hi MarySorry I haven’t visited in a while. I’m interested to hear you mention Laura Lippman. I like her books. We have about 4 of them in our local library but I haven’t gone further to find other titles. How many has she written?I’m guessing (techno-phobe that I am) that a kindle is some kind of electronic device for downloading and reading books. Can you use it in bed at night? That is the time I usually do my reading. I’ve always thought it would be uncomfortable to curl up with a lap-top 🙂

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