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For those of you thinking about buying one of these I want to make sure I give an accurate *review* beyond just saying that I love it.

Keeping in mind that I think it’s wonderful and would buy it again in a MINUTE. There are a few things that I want to mention.

1) Although I can’t really get an accurate photo, you can kind of get an idea from this first one. The background *page* is a light gray rather than white. I keep wanting to adjust it. NOT because it’s difficult to read, but just because it seems like it should be white to me.

The screens on these are NOT back-lit like a computer or PDA. It’s supposed to be easier on the eyes and I read for hours yesterday without any difficulty. BUT, when the light goes down in the room – I have to move closer to a reading lamp – just like I would if I was reading a book. This is also supposed to make the device very readable outside in sunlight too but I haven’t tried that yet.

2) The off button is on the back of the device and when I have mine in the cover it’s inconviently located BUT there’s a suspend mode using two buttons on the front – easy – BUT I was worried about the images being burned into the screen so I wrote Amazon’s support and asked . I was told with this technology you don’t have to worry about that and I can leave the device safely in suspend mode for long periods of time. (For me, that’s on and off during the day when I pick up and put down the book).

3) The page turning buttons are very convenient and easy to use, located on both sides but I’m still adjusting to NOT turning the page when I don’t intend to. A couple times I’ve lost my place and had to go back to my last bookmarked spot and page forward a few pages. I’m sure this is something I’ll get more used to as I go along.

As I said, I love, love, LOVE, mine and would buy it again in a minute. If you’re considering purchasing one, please read all the info on the Amazon site. It’s pricy and I would hate for someone to buy one on my recommendation and hate it.

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  1. As you can see, I’m back reading blog posts. I seem to get so behind in SO many things!I’m very interested in your Kindle posts. Who knows if I ever get up the courage (and the money!) to buy one. I thought that I don’t have to really think about it until summer because even if you can’t get them in Japan I’d still be able to get one in the States when I’m there. Anyway I’m interested in your reviews.How do you get your books into your Kindle? Download right? Ah, that’s another computer skill that would probably throw me for a loop. And how much do you have to pay for a Kindle download book? Comparable to bookstore books? Happy reading!

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