It’s Sunday again, where did this week go? At least I have a little progress to report on my stashbusting efforts. I finished two tops – both completely from stash. I don’t count stash used in yards until the quilt is completely done so for now my stashbusting stat on the sidebar stays the same.

Hearts and Strings came mostly from my string bins and this one I stitched together in an hour
tonight. I had the strips already cut but it had to wait until I finished the other top. It’s made from my Quick Strippie Instructions and when I quilt it, I’ll add the lizard as a dimensional applique as show on the Pajama Quilter DVD. The first one I did turned out well and this little lizard will be really cute too.

In addition – no fabric purchases this week!


  1. I just love that lizard fabric. Gecko’s are a big part of life here and they make us smile. The fabric is very rich…love it, love it, love it!

  2. That lizard quilt is going to be just lovely! Congrats on getting the townhouse as well — I don’t envy you the move (I’m remembering my last one with horror) but being in your own place again will be lovely :0).

  3. The quilt top is beautiful, love the fabric, and the lizard softie will compliment it perfectly.Your photo in the previous post is stunning.

  4. Great colors on the lizard (or could it be a gecko?!) quilt. I’ve thought of taking a photo course as well. I know there is so much more to my camera than I have even thought of using. (and that is even before photo-shop!)

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