Another HeartStrings finish

This is UFO # 13, the 2nd of 2 tops donated by Annie. I finished the quilting a week or so ago but rushed to do the binding tonight in order to send it off to a teenage boy with cancer.

And because I love the texture the clamshells give this quilt – here’s a close-up.

Most of my afternoon was spent waiting for Chesty to be groomed. I had some errands to run but they were running really late and he ended up being there for 4 hours. Tomorrow he has a Vet visit and we pick up refills of his meds. It’s like having a child at home.

I head to Virginia early on Wednesday morning (a 5:30AM flight!) so I don’t expect to get much else done before leaving as I have laundry and packing to do in addition to getting this quilt shipped out and taking Chesty to the Vet.

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