Quiltathon progress

I’ve been busy making log cabin blocks today. I’m going to use 35 of them for this quilt – no border (I LOVE quilts without borders) and after a couple more rounds I should have 25 of them done by the time I finish working tonight.

Deb posted a photo of my top that she’s going to quilt for me. I fell in love with this pattern and Mom pieced the top as a gift for me. I’ve been afraid of messing it up so I sent it to Deb to quilt for me. She does great with large open white space.

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9 thoughts on “Quiltathon progress

  1. That quilt is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it after Deb does her beautiful quilting on it. It’s pretty neat that your mom is involved in quilting and you and Deb both have longarms.


  2. I remember when you originally posted the picture of the log cabin quilt for Keith’s aunt. I remember cruising the Quilt Maverick’s ring and that quilt caught my eye. I have been reading ever since… lol!Still love that quilt too!


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