A wonderful day!

This afternoon we took a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands – here’s a view back toward the city.

We walked along the boardwalk.

Watched the geese along the shore.

We almost DIDN’T go because of these crowds going to Centre Island….we asked at the ticket office if there was somewhere we could go AWAY from the crowds and she suggested we take the Ward’s Island ferry – it was perfect!

It that wasn’t enough fun…..we attend a conference event – A Taste of Toronto – at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. The food was good, the band fun…and after an hour or so, we found the Library Bar where we sat in a dark corner and had a nightcap!

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9 thoughts on “A wonderful day!

  1. It’s interesting to see Toronto through someone else’s eyes. I think we’re so used to it that we don’t notice. Ward’s Island is super — a great place to go! Walking along the boardwalk is something we try to do every day in the spring, summer and fall. Today was a tad hot though!


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