A lunch date

I went to visit Sue Frank for lunch and to pick up a couple HeartStrings tops. It was fun and I really should get out more!

We also had a chance to talk about some housekeeping items for the HeartStrings group – Sue receives the blocks from members and organizes them into sets to send out as well as assembling them herself into tops for our volunteer quilters. She’s even got her Mom helping!

So I’m getting a late start today but Keith is still out of town so I have plenty of time to get some work done.

My current *to do* list looks like this:

  • Load a HeartStrings donation top on the longarm and quilt it.
  • Bind the Lizard quilt – I think that binding is cut but I’ll have to piece it first.
  • Bind Deborah’s 30’s string quilt – I’ll have to make that binding too.
  • Pick a pattern or design another RWB quilt – I’ve got all the fabric from the RWB rails on the floor – I might as well use it.

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