I was nervous but it was fun

I’m not sure how those of you who give presentations to guilds do it. I gave a presentation to a local guild, the Quilting Queens this evening – my first ever and they were SO nice to me. I spoke a little about my quilting and about HeartStrings and took a lot of quilts with me both mine and many of the HeartStrings tops I’ve been finishing up this last few weeks.

I was completely surprised when they each held up HeartStrings blocks they’d made and presented them to me – I had to come home, lay them out quickly and snap a photo to share.
Isn’t this the cutest fabric? They used this heart print for their centers and Cynthia gave me the rest of the fabric to use in finishing the quilt.

Cynthia, who contacted me about speaking was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. As I watched their meeting, I was really impressed with how organized they are and how much education they do. I saw some feather star blocks from a class, a beautiful mystery quilt, a quilted bag, and several other really pretty quilts during their show and tell.

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  1. Mary, How wonderful that the guild presented you with those heartstring blocks! Very nice indeed. Also, thanks for the great blogs, pictures and directions for quilts. I enjoy seeing how you’ve quilted the donation quilts– which pantos, etc that you use. Wonderful inspiration for me.Susan

  2. I’m glad you had a good time at the guild meeting. How nice of them to present you with such nice blocks. I love that they used the heart fabric and then gave you the rest. How sweet.

  3. How sweet that the guild presented you with string blocks. That heart fabric is great.I enjoyed looking at all of your finishes… the cat quilt is too cute.

  4. How nice of the quilters to give you string blocks! I’m sure they enjoyed having you as their speaker and seeing the quilts that you brought along.

  5. Mary that was the neatest gesture on their part and the hearts for the heartstings project is just perfect 😀have fun with that one!!grace

  6. The heart fabric is gorgeous. What a lovely quilt it’s going to turn out to be.No word from Alexandra’s Mum yet, but still hoping.

  7. I was thinking about you! I bet once you got going, it was all natural for you, Mary. This group and what we do is so wonderful to talk about, I bet you had them spellbound. Good for you to push your comfort zone! And YEAH for their response to you via Heartstring blocks & fabric. That's just so cool. Way to go!

  8. Well done!Love the blocks they presented you.Feel like coming to our guild to talk? Would love to have you!!! So if you are ever in New Zealand …..Love Leanne

  9. What a great experience, and how nice of them to have blocks all ready to give you! I’m sure your presentation will have increased their enthusiasm, too.

  10. Just checking out the HeartStrings blogring for the first time!!Wonderful to hear that your talk went well and was obviously well received! How wonderful that they presented you with HS block too 🙂

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