I had grandiose plans

First, here’s where my top was hiding yesterday – looks pretty obvious but I looked on top of the table and behind the table and only saw it when I glanced over while I was going through the quilt tops in the closet for the 10th time.

I won’t tell you what I thought I was going to quilt on this small top but luckily, I was reading Patti’s blog the other day and saw a quilt she’d quilted with fly stitches. Mine are probably too densely placed and not as even as hers but I like the look. I think I’ll also quilt some words and maybe even a leaf in some of the tone on tone filler blocks. Click on photo for a closer view.

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8 thoughts on “I had grandiose plans

  1. Perfect Mary – absolutely perfect! It doesn’t matter if they are even or not – though they look even. Mine certainly aren’t even – some are spaced much farther apart than others. I figured this gives the quilt a more primitive look which I think is great – and for primitive things don’t have to be even. They have a “certain charm” all their own.Thanks so much for finding that picture of how to make the stitch. Saves me from having to do it eventually LOL!


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