You might not think I like to cook since I don’t blog about it much – but I do. With Fall and Winter coming I’m looking for good soup recipes. My favorites are those that are a meal by themselves and broth vs. cream based (I am still trying to lose a few pounds after all). Any good recipes or sites you’d like to share?

Tonight we’ll eat homemade Tortilla Soup and cornbread. Yep, there’s a piece missing – since the cornbread is from a mix, I had to taste test it before serving it to Keith!

Later, I’ll probably load the HeartStrings top finished the other night – it will be #10 of 10 once it’s quilted!

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  1. lentil soup-broth based, can add in all sorts of yummy veggies and seasonings..include rice or barley or potatoes for added heartiness…I make it a lot.

  2. I love soups. I love to use barley in my winter soups. I just use stock, & plenty of vegetables, with some lentils, split peas, or barley.I see cornbread in American recipes, & ideas. Not sure what it is?

  3. I have found that by saving the broth left over from baking a ham, it makes a great base for vegetable soup. I add some water, a can of corn, tomatoes, and some chopped celery, carrots, and onion. Maybe a bit of seasoning. Very simple, but it makes great soup.

  4. Go to and look up Paual Deens Beef Vegetable soup recipe, it is WONDERFUL! BTW, I love the hearts!

  5. Mary I just sent two soups to your email 🙂 and glad I looked in the comments and read the one above mine. Thanks Rebecca! I’m gonna go copy Paula Deens Beef Veggie soup now! 😉 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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